Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two Laughing Girls

Two Laughing Girls.

Two laughing girls live with us.
I see them walking towards my van;
heads bent in talking; flashing teeth.
Love sparkles zip around them.
No harm in them. They are pure and joyful.
It is a golden time for us and I am aware of it.
I feel the blessings of all our fortune,
washing over me like the life in Earth’s oceans.
Shining in me like the fire of Earth’s furnaces.
Blowing through my soul like the sweetness of Earth’s air;
Sitting solid and substantial on my being
like the soil of Earth’s growing.

All the meaning in the universe can be seen in our two laughing girls -
walking; exchanging secrets.
All the love of God is falling about their heads.
And I know the meaning of life is to love, love, love.
The meaning walks in all young creatures;
it breathes in Earth’s flowers
and sighs in Earth’s trees.
The meaning shines from Jupiter’s moons
and throbs from our Sun -
it calls across space that is swimming with life.
Nothing exists without this meaning - at some level.
Without the spark - absolutely nothing.
(I can’t imagine nothing)
And that spark glows like a sun in my heart.

Up to the van, our two laughing girls.
Sunstreaks in their hair and light in their eyes.
They live so much in the eternal now -
drawing with them eons past and pulling them to eons future.
Breast stroking across reality, light of the first creation.
Chuckling over simple things and bringing life with them.
I will know myself when the love I feel for them
is felt for every one of Earth’s children;
and the idea of responsibility for life is always with me.
They are my lessons and I am theirs.
They make me feel humbled by the scope of life
and I marvel at its joys.

Written in 1991

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