Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Copy of letter sent locally and to World Vision international
The Hastings Safe Water Association
World Vision’s omits important fact from their current add.
Dear Editor,
We are asking that the Head of World Vision Australia please apologise to the Australian people for the deception caused by the wording of their current adds regarding the child Thomas.

In the televised add presently showing, we are told that the crippling condition Thomas and his siblings suffer from is caused by “dirty water”.

What the add omits to tell us is that it is not the dirty water which causes Thomas’s actual bone disease. As explained in the full text of the World Vision text, which is copyrighted, 2006 but last modified 23/12/05

“Ten-year-old Thomas lives with his parents, brothers and sisters in rural
Tanzania. All five children suffer from a debilitating condition caused by
drinking dirty water. Thomas with his sisters and one of his brothers. Their only water source had a high content of naturally occurring fluoride. Over time it caused calcium to leach from their bones and teeth. In severe cases, this can weaken and damage the bones. Thomas' brother Zakayo is so badly affected now he needs crutches to walk.” © (Copyright World Vision Australia 2006. All rights reserved. Last Modified: Friday, December 23, 2005.)

Australians would still dig deep if they thought it was dirty water or fluoride which caused what we would now call crippling Skeletal Fluorosis, so we have to ask why were we not told the true cause of Thomas’ and his siblings’ illness?

Could it be that to link the word Fluoride with any thing as dreadful as a crippled child is not politically correct in the current climate in Australia? I would hope that World Vision was more independent and responsible than that. Is Fluoride the protected pollutant, because Government policy is attempting to fluoridate 100% of Australians at present?

It would be appalling to think that World Vision has bowed to political pressure and ensured that Australians were kept from knowing the true cause of illness of the children it is trying to help. Answers World vision please?
Yours sincerely
Therese Mackay

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