Saturday, January 21, 2006

The cat with few lives left. This is my younger sister's cat, Ebony. Ebony used to be a shiny, sleek elegant Queen of Cats, but as her prowress fades with age so does her agility.

The latest "accident" this 17yr old has had is to think she could outrun a neighbourhood car, but she forgot about her tail...the remains of which had to be surgically amputated.

Food's not so great either as she should be re christened "Snagletooth" due to their being about one tooth left in her mouth, but she gets plenty of milk...a bit like what will happen to all of us I guess... Milk and mush.

Poor old Ebony, a wreck of her former sophistication. Battered, bruised, tarn tail from body, reduced to milk but still terrorising the neighberhood.
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