Tuesday, January 17, 2006


     I’ve been feeling so strange.
     A feeling of time slowing down.
     A feeling of watching - listening.
The very breeze which stirs the trees,
stirs my soul -
     A feeling of timelessness,
     A feeling which transcends time
and brings all my lives to one.

Ah! Strange and pleasant!
     Last night I closed my eyes
     and the earth moved - once and back again...
While I slept - the planets and stars
in the great cosmic web cradled me
     in my dreams - and when I opened my eyes
     the world had slowed.

Strange! the morning...
The way I woke, the world seemed more beautiful...
The darkness had lifted with the dawn itself;
     trees sighed and whispered to me...

     I heard there were earthquakes at Tennant Creek...
     I heard strange lights were seen in the sky...

It sure is strange.


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