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Baz the Cane toad

Find more videos like this on Agmates

Watch this carefully - he shoots at a metal plate and the bullet comes back and grazes his head - not his timwe to die i guess

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This photo has touched me a lot.

This photo taken seconds after Peter Spencer was lifted to the ground on Day 52 of his hunger strike on Jan 14th is just beautiful. He had been told that basically this was the last day he could stay up there before there was too much damage for him to recover. He lost 43 kgs, and has inspired farmers and communities across Australia who have seen draconian laws make it impossible for them to hold onto their land and way of life. Wool and Spuds from China and Vietnam coming to a shop near you folks.

Check out "Peter Spencer's Australia Day inspirational Speech for the 2 of Feb" on Agmates its only 5mins

To view this discussion, visit:

The speech is just something else on this January 26 Australia day.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Inaugural "Thick" awards!
My book editor who has a severely disabled son suggested awarding yearly and anon. relatives of those with severe disability with an award called "The Thicks" around Australia day. I'll let you have it in her own words,

"Dear Compatriots,
Following recent Christmas ''holiday" discussions with several friends about their experiences of extended family attitudes and behaviour towards our disabled children (and family members) over the years, a proposal has emerged to institute annual national awards for "Most Appalling Comment", "Most Appalling Behaviour" and "Most Appalling Act" - or something along those lines (alternative suggestions for Award categories and/or names gratefully received). We need a name for the overall Awards too - personally I favour The Thicks (as in "Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water"?), but alternatively perhaps The Awfuls? The Hurtfuls? The Insensitives? You get the idea anyhow.

There is a serious underlying aim in instituting these Awards (eg awareness raising among rellies of people with disabilities and their carers about the desirability of being supportive and sensitive) and some degree of "Twitter and Bistedness" will no doubt be unavoidable, but I think this exercise could also be very funny - in a rather horrifying sort of way of course. (Maybe "The Twitter and Bisteds"?)

If/when any nominations are received (send them back to me, by Jan 26 if possible) - what better way to celebrate good ol' Australia Day?), I will then circulate all nominations to all on this BCC emailing list, and we can then all vote on the winners. Please feel free to circulate this call for nominations, as well as nominations themselves, to anyone you think might be interested in participating.

The whole exercise needs to be kept completely anonymous - for a number of reasons, including the fact that under Australia's defamation laws, truth is no defence - so you MUST submit nominations anonymously. I'll delete any give-away email addresses! Also do NOT name the person nominated. Just "A Relative" will do - unless you REALLY want to (anonymously) stick the knife in, in which case you can be a little more specific, as in: my ex-mother-in-law; my ex-spouse/child's father; one of my siblings etc.

Once Awards have been presented to the "winners" (in complete absentia, needless to say), I will then write a piece about this exercise for Link Magazine, which I will also then subsequently attempt to get reprinted in a mainstream newspaper or magazine. So the funnier and more appalling, the better.

There is another serious underlying aspect to this exercise as well, given that many of the mainstream disability charities are now attempting to plug the yawning and ever-growing gaps in service provision by suggesting to desperate parents that they approach "extended family members" for more help and support. After all, if that was good enough in the 19th century and for Bangladeshi peasants, why not us?

Another important aspect is that - just to add to the general jollity of our situations - we now have in our midst various "normalisation" advocacy organisations (all thriving on hefty govt grants each year of course) who are all about promoting touchingly idealistic little notions like establishing local community/extended family "Circles of Support", thereby enabling our severely disabled offspring to live happily at home with us until they are 80, and eliminating the need for anything so gruesomely abnormal, and so last century, as supported accommodation options.

I have attended seminars of this type with other mothers who have left in tears, because this wonderful-sounding theory is so totally and utterly divorced from their personal day-to-day reality, and it makes THEM feel like failures. (Although, to be fair to the "normalisation" mob, they do have one example of a successful "Circle of Support" they can point to. Only trouble is, they have been pointing to this same one example for the last three years. Will be fascinating to see if they trot it out again at this year's seminars.)

So - all in all, I think it's about time that those of us who live in the real world, without advocacy funding, fight back!! That said, I think it is also very important as part of this exercise to first up acknowledge and express appreciation for those extended family members - and there are many - who are wonderful, and who help keep many of us as close to sanity as we are ever likely to get. We don't want to sound like completely ungrateful whingers. But...

Finally - and I apologise for going on and on - I see this as one small way of helping promote via the media the urgent need for a National Disability Insurance Scheme. Way too many people "out there" assume that people with disabilities and their parent/carers get plenty of help already, from government, disability organisations and extended family members. Let's disabuse them heh?

I think this is also a truly fascinating sociological issue. Why, if blood IS thicker than water, as we all tend to assume (or many of us anyway) - then why do we parents so often experience far more kindness, empathy and practical day-to-day on-the-ground support from people - who start off at any rate - as complete strangers, rather than our own flesh and blood? In theory, OF COURSE it's reasonable to expect help and support from one's own extended family if one is in genuinely dire need of it. Pre-Welfare State, that's how societies operated for thousands of years. So why do so many of us not only get no offers of help from many family members, but experience total apathy and indifference from them at best, or outright rejection and extreme nastiness at worst? Is this evidence of some primitive biological urge in human beings, left over from caveman days, when anyone who was sick, feeble or otherwise represented a threat to the survival of a small family band of hunter/gatherers was automatically thrown out of the cave and left to die from exposure and starvation? Maybe so many of us experience so much rejection and nastiness from family members not despite blood links, but because of them...

And if so, then what does that say about societal attitudes, at their very heart, towards people with disabilities in general? Is this why I so often instinctively feel the need to apologise for my and my son's existence?? Is this why The Spastic Centre, for instance, sees nothing shameful or disturbing in loudly advocating the need for pre-birth screening tests for cerebral palsy (including on a big billboard outside McLeod House itself), so the parents of any foetus found to be affected can choose for them to be aborted with a saline injection into the heart, like we currently do to foetuses with Down Syndrome?

Maybe some of those university academics now receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars to write papers on topics like "resilience among carers and how to foster it, in the absence of sufficient Govt funding for support services, partly because so much is wasted on academics" (their findings: make sure there is plenty of support from extended family!) - maybe they might also care to know about our Awards?

So - get nominating guys, and let's start exposing some of the worst instances of prejudice, nastiness and rejection, from our own - nominally - nearest and dearest, experienced by those of us living on Planet Disability."


A bit of a read but my experience is exactly the same as hers. Where she says "
then why do we parents so often experience far more kindness, empathy and practical day-to-day on-the-ground support from people - who start off at any rate - as complete strangers, rather than our own flesh and blood? " Apart from our daughters who even as little kids were specially helpful - we had a bit of help from some but some alarming examples of shocking treatment from some relatives. I have put in two examples for the "Appalling behaviour section"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Remember the "Flying Foxes" .

I still remember one wh
en i was a kid but haven't seen one for years now. They were used to cross rivers especially in flood time. They operated on a pulley system...very practical

People all dressed up to the nines for a photo outside a small school - no indoor shots much then except by professional photographers.
Click on the photo for detail

When trip to town took all day - a stay over night and all day home...I think I know who these two are - well him but can't recall the relationship.

This is my Uncle Pat (Flanagan) He was a bit of a larrikan when he was young and mum told me he and his friends used to hoon about on their horses much as young guys do with cars today - he was a wonderful old uncle and a bit wicked so we loved him a lot. He could still ride his horse right up till he had a stroke at about 75.
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Some more shots of these dresses

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Some very old family photos here.
I hope I haven't posted any of these before - its hard to tell with so many posts - I was just looking through the old photos from my mother's side of the family - and was struck by the work in all these dresses all hand sewn most likely. Most likely this was the one good dress they had but they are something else.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walk down the path late yesterday - 2.

Looking back at the place with night coming - wouldn't want to drop a match in there folks.

A storm approaching - no rain sadly.

My front gate - pretty swish - I must say.

Back to the house. Don designed the rock wall around the house. The house sits on a mound because its on a flood plain. The wall was necessary because we are not on town water or the sewage system directs the waste water onto the area within that rock wall - things grow really fast. It looks good but wasn't done just to look good - it serves a real purpose - holding the whole shebang together.

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A walk down the path late yesterday... some things I saw.

First there was this Australian Native gum was a favourite of Don's but I cannot recall its name - Its covered in pink flowers right now and is just beautiful.

Then there was a very large male Kangaroo looking ready for a bit of a challenge and a female who has a joey in her pouch. You can't see the joey in this shot as its all inside. I have seen its little head sticking out

A topknot pigeon

The three magpies who are always friendly

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Yesterday afternoon this little bird came for some afternoon nibbles. Its about the size of a Blue Fairy Wren..looks a bit penguinish. Its an Austrailian native but I can't find out what it is. I have never seen one of these round here like this.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peter Spencer is down and vowing to fight as soon as his strength returns

I am showing my rural roots here...
but what affects the landholders affects the urban communities down the line but they won't realise it till a leg of lamb costs $100 - and till all our seafood comes from Vietnam or China because Australian fishermen are so restricted by rules and regulations it becomes impossible to earn a living.... Those on the front lines now need the support of thinking urbanites - now.

Once the farms are gone - taken by stealth and no compensation...and the mining companies move in, mainly owned by China and Japan...we will have given away our sovereignty and will never be able to take it back

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Peter Spencer is ending hunger strike day 52 - Thank God. I have felt waves of relief all day...thank God this very brave man will live on and not be forgotten. if only a tenth of us were half as brave as this man the workd would be an amazing place to live it. Coming from a rual background this has touched me more than I thought posible. Please listen to this its not long

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This today recorded on 2GB - only goes for about 10 mins -

If you have time today, please listen to this recorded today – Peter Spencer – its well worth it.

Peter explains some thinsg and breaks down near the end - to hear such a strong and principled man like this is heartbreaking.

I'd like to see our Stata and federal politicians apart from a few notable exceptions have to spend a few weeks up a windpole and contemplate the error of their ways.. pigs might fly

Friday, January 08, 2010

I just found the whole article published in "The Link" (august) disability rights magazine which featured part of what was done to Don. Previously it was just part of the article. The author of that article is the editor of my manuscript - and she has a son with cerebral palsy so she knows too well the dangers of disabled people being in hospitals.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Peter Spencer day 46 of hunger strike

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Spare spiral bound copies of my manuscript.
A freebie offer if you have the heart and stomach for it. I have sent out about 28 copies of my manuscript to publishers...only 8 rejections so far - so still hopeful. A local printing company has for an extremely reasonable price spiral bound (only $5) copies and given me a really good deal on printing. I had ten of them done both sided, before I realised (Duh) that publishers require single sided and very specific about what they want - so for those of you I know, if you would like a free copy, sent postage free as well - just let me know your postal address or PO Box number on my email and I will post one to you. They have to be confidential at this stage so I won't be sending any out to people I don't know reasonably well - sorry. Don't feel obliged to accept one if its not your cup of tea... I have given away a few to friends and relatives of the returned ones which were a bit damaged and marked and having a stack of ten there doing nothing seems ridiculous.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

For non Australians this our wally of a prime minister

The dork on the right hand side with his knees together and a fake smile. He looks like the cheshire cat out of the new movie of Alice in Wonderland.

I read with disgust this article. Rudd's written a children's book - wow! Peter Spencer is on day 42 of a hunger strike which is growing more likely to end in his death. Rudd and family are off soon on a holiday to Tassie and Peter Spencer is on day 42 of a hunger strike.

A hunger strike that Rudd that great and public Christian often photographed outside churches, could end by getting up there beside Peter Spencer and promising to sort out the issues which have driven Peter to such drastic action.

When I look at the photo of Rudd with his hands around the cat's throat, looking for all the world like a big Jessie, and I consider the photos I have seen of Peter Spencer it is clear to me who the more honourable gentleman is.

Peter is practising passive resistance involving self sacrifice a form of action recommended by that great man Mahatma Ghandi. Rudd is practising self preservation - and not doing well at all at that.

Prime Minister Rudd and ALL politicians who are ignoring what Peter Spencer is should hang their heads in shame, if any of them remember what real shame is.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Peter Spencer now on day 41 - update

Important parts of the post below copied from SOS site may not appear. If not please use link above to access this site and keep up to date. What is happening to Peter Spencer and thousands of Rural Landholders in Australia is a crime and both political parties are fully responsible. Time is fast running out for Peter and he will die unless Rudd is forced to act. He will not come down until justice is served. Sadly though many have pleaded with him to come down, Peter is a strong man with deep conviction who has suffered too much and for too long and it is unlikely he will change tack at this late date unless something happens NOW.

Welcome to SOS-NEWS


"FRIDAY 1st JANUARY 2010 . . . DAY 40"

Join the SOS-NEWS - "Peter Spencer Support Group"

Fill in the form below to stand behind this David of the people, who has with the massive help of his team and Barrister Peter King, who has not charged any fee for services, have Government Goliath backed into a corner with irefutabke evidence o farmers land theft by government.

Contact SOS-NEWS

Be sure to allow your email reader to receive SOS-NEWS newsetters and not spam them to the trash.


Peter Spencer has been financially wiped out by both the Federal and State governments and is now perched on a 200 foot pole, in a desperate hunger strike, which has now entering the 39 day.

A group of strong supporters are organising a Coo-ee Car Rally to Peter's farm on Monday January 4, then onto Canberra.

The COOEE DRIVE details, in support of our friend and mate Peter Spencer , are as follows:-

Bus leaving Lismore Sunday 3rd Jan' contact 'Jimmy Harvie' phone 66248290 to obtain details of departure time, cost, etc.

Another Bus leaving Coffs Harbour 4PM Sunday contact Jeanette Jones on 02 66524240 or 0411628310.

Our 50 seater has air con, toilet, etc, costing $50 per person. Picking up Port Macquarie turnoff - Taree - Nabiac - Hexham - Maitland - Muswellbrook, then down the New England Highway.

Another bus leaves Inverell at 6.30AM Sunday 3rd Jan' --ring Lloyd Fleming -02 67225303 for further information and towns they will be passing through.

Destination Peter Spencer's property 'Saarahnlee' Shannon's Flat to give our personal support to Peter - attracting major media exposure---then to Parliament House where we meet with the COOEE WALKERS to move onto Parliament House, returning home Monday night.

Please support this COOEE DRIVE if you live in Wagga / Bathurst / Dubbo / Griffith / Leeton / anywhere in the 2SM listening area.

Please organise a bus from your area and join us in fighting for our birth-right and natural Heritage.

Sue Maynes
Farmers Land Ownership Rights in Australia

Please also support 2SM broadcasts in your area, or online you can listen to on-air broadcasters, including...

Grant Goldman


Poppy Savakis
and others have been giving phenomenal support, giving over their entire shows to highlight Peter's desperate battle, as well as airing stories from other country farming families. These people are risking their careers going against government media control by helping farmers and all hard-working Australians.
To listen to 2SM online 24/7 -

5am - 9am Mon to Fri - Grant Goldman -

6pm - Midnight Sat & Sun - Carter Edwards -

Midday - 6pm Sunday - Poppy Savakis -

To have your say on 2SM, call the chat line - 131269


Meeting of supporters will be at Magna Carta Place, Queen Victoria Terrace, Canberra on Monday at 10.30am. Those travelling from southern areas and Victoria can meet at Cooma NSW, in the centre of town at Centennial Park to form a convoy for Canberra leaving at 8.30am.

It is proposed the march will commence from Magna Carta Place, Queen Victoria Terrace, Canberra at 11:00 to Parliament House, then to the Prime Ministers lodge where the demonstration will close

For those with the time, and 4 Wheel drives, a moved to "Saarahnlee" to visit Peter Spencer is scheduled.


Placards and displays are very important to catch the eye of media, if they are allowed to attend by their masters. Content of a sign is a reflection to any demonstration, so put your creativity into gear.

Here are a few thoughts why is Peter placing his life on the line for Australians.

Peter Fed not Dead
Kevin Carbon Compo & Royal Commission
Rudd RAT-ified KYOTO Theft
Robbed Peter To Pay Kyoto Kevin
Native VEG CON A Fraud
Peter 200 Time In Court Kev WHY?
Labor & Liberal Are Killing Peter
No X On Polling Day Kev
Pay The Farmers You Thieves
Eureka Stockade 2 Starts Today
Welcome To Day One Of Your Political Demise KEV
Where's Abbott When Needed?
Land Theft Is Government Policy

You can do it, visit the newsagent and get some art cardboard, then a piece of timber from the hardware store, now go for it.


Power of authority and threats of punishment is always implemented when the people rise against the system.

Tools most feared by officials are exposure of their actions, pictures of their faces and statements or threats made and recorded for all the people to witness.

The greatest method we have to expose government controllers at our disposal are pictures, video and audio. This strikes terror into their stand over agenda, or future memory loss when challenged. A video recorder, switched on, but not focused on a subject, is fantastic for audio intelligence gathering.

Cover each other with cameras in overt and covert functions; use your mobile phone cameras. Do not be put off by any order "you cannot take photos". You are allowed to gathering evidence if you feel threatened at anytime, or someone is being threatened. The media cameras are never stopped "ARE THEY" hhmmmm - "how many of you write for newsletters covering the demonstration"?

The more people involved with gathering intelligence on camera the greater the problem for our master's enforcers.

This will be a peaceful demonstration, leave the bullying to the government


I will be in Canberra for the Monday demonstration, along other SOS-NEWS people mingling.

There is now established international recognition of Peter Spencer , his 200 court appearances, total rejection by our government's, radical land acquisition, and ratbag greenie driven unworkable vegetation legislated introduced by politicians for power and the green vote, and how Australia is being run under mafia law.

Now retired from my business investigating international white collar crooks, it is now my pleasure returning to the fold now chasing white collar public servants and friends, also being part the swelling people power agenda to return Australia to Australians... stolen by public servants.

Mal Davies

Spencer Story Telegaph 29th Dec 2009

Today, Tuesday 29th December 2009, the Sydney telegraph newspaper published a story written by Amy Dale covering that Peter Spencer’s children who have arrived from the USA where they now reside, back to the farm in Shannon Flats NSW, where they were born, to support their father.

It also reveals that Kevin Rudd is ignoring this concerning the Australian Farmers which Peter is seeking payment for land and carbon stolen from them by government.

It does not reflect that Peter has been to court 200 times, facing a battle ground of government lawyers doing all they can to get the irrefutable case not to be heard on your taxpayer dollars.

The Minister for Agriculture (now do not laugh this fool is serious) stated –“this matter should be settled through the legal system”. The pollies never disappoint us at anytime do they.

Click the pictured left to read or download this story.


We at SOS-NEWS have been the lonely media support with Peter Spencer over several years following his 200 court appearances, publishing what mainstream media have suddenly, and at this 11th hour, recognise Peter’s life on NOW the line, decided to become involved.

Peter Spencer To support Peter Spencer (pictured) and all farmers of Australia we are posting information and support group network that will not only be part of out 60,000 strong mailing list but our presence on international internet, being six years established and a fantastic team of volunteers to support Peter, will publish that which government do not want you to know about your land being stolen by government.

Download this ‘HUNGER STRIKE” poster in pdf, this will print from any computer and pass it around your address book emails.

Click the poster or use this link –

Print out 10 copies, put one on your car window, in shop windows, on notice boards, in supermarkets, etc, etc, give them to those who are not online, just get the message out there for Peter is not coming down until his demands have been addressed… HE WILL DIE ON THAT POLE


FRIDAY 18th December 2009, SOS-NEWS writer, farmer, and scientist Noel Franklin, was part of the 100 + supporters of Peter Spencer's now the 26th days into his hunger strike, attending at the "Tower Of Hope" wind mast he is harnessed to 50 feet above ground on his farm "Saarahnlee" 31 klm from Cooma NSW.

Noeline filed this report today, Saturday 19th December 2009, pictures of Barnaby Joyce and supports taken by Noni Seagrim of SOS-NEWS.

From the City, NSW, ACT, and Queensland, supporters were joined by Nationals MP and Shadow Finance Minister Barnaby Joyce, Labor Government MP Dr Mike Kelly, and NSW Nationals MP Kevin Humphries,

A small media presence assembled, The Australian newspaper, WIN TV, Cooma Express, but several committed tabloids and television networks cancelled late, this could be levelled at instructions from their political masters due to the dark shadow of Copenhagen exposing the Rudd Government manufactured statistics for ETS.

Dully noted by all in attendance, a total absence of the Australian people's own taxpayer funded ABC radio and television, also cancelling at the last minute, coincident you say. ABC management is unaccountability to the people and subservient to their chosen political masters. They will conduct some desktop publishing by telephone interviews we will see during the week.

Peter emphasised many times - it was not about Peter Spencer , he already had been offered, and refused, money from the NSW government for his silence, it is about all farmers and property rights.

He further stated, "we the people lost representation when jury's were taken away in the early 1980's".

Barnaby Joyce quoted "It was unjust that they, the government, acquire assets off people" - carefully avoiding the word THEFT at all times.

Mr Joyce was placed in a harness, ascended the mast some 50 feet to speak with Peter on the platform for around 15 minutes.

Mike Kelly stated, "the states could repeal all laws tomorrow, where they (government) are not required to compensate land owners for acquiring private property".

Mr Kelly further stated, "the Commonwealth had instigated carbon offsets with the states, but now it was out of their hands".

Noeline informed Mr Kelly, "It is not out of your hands because the Commonwealth instigated it

Kevin Humphries stated, "the prime goal was to get Peter down from the tower, not to danger his health".

Noeline's assessment of Peter Spencer from observation is that his mind is working well, he's is very alert but when standing is unsure on his feet.

What will get Peter down from "The Tower Of Hope" is an undertaking by government to conduct a Royal Commission under terms of reference he has submitted to PM Kevin Rudd. He further demands justice to 30,000 farmers who have lost an estimated $10.2 BILLION of carbon with interest taken by government.

Noeline stated, "it seemed obvious the attending politicians really did not fully grasp Peter Spencer's protest for farmers was about. They had basic knowledge skirting direct question from people which seemed to confuse them".

All present on the day want Peter down from the tower, take the government to the high court with a jury, terminate their stonewalling and get a decision for the snow ball of national & international support is gathering daily to a point where Kevin Rudd may have to admit that he IS NOW AWARE of Peter Spencer to survive.

Barnaby Joyce departing remarks were to get justice and compensation to farmers for any compulsory acquisitions made by government.

An admission of carbon and land theft by government was confirmed from the mouth of MP Mike Kelly to Friday's supporters, their plan was published in "National Emission Trading Crediting The Carbon" in 1999 and confirmation of land theft from the lips of past NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr on ABC radio we have recorded ( see the presentation below)

Left some more supporters - right Peter overwhelmed by the support on day 26

Mal Davies

This message is from Peter Spencer to the people of Australia

What does Peter Spencer want?

1. A Royal Commission

2. Payment to farmers by the Commonwealth

3. Return of Juries by the States

Agenda 21 was the movement that took away your rights

CARBON GATE is the people claiming back THEIR RIGHTS.


All those who have owned land with vegetation from 1990 until now are included in the claim, if you own or you have sold - or had your land repossessed, the claim includes all damages and legal and accumulative interest since then.

All of you across Australia form Carbon Gate Groups in your area and come together in your club your pub or your home. Have a nominated person to read and understand the total submission to the Prime Minister, and all discuss it and explain it to each other end to end

Then go to your Member and DEMAND your Constitutional Rights in total support of all the claim demands.

As AUSTRALIANS those rights belong to you to our Nation.

It will restore the rule of law and truth.

All those not affected by this legislation support the minority that are, by so doing you will protect your own Property Rights and ensure that this constituted breach will never occur to soil our Nation's Governance again.

I would like to thank you for your support, and cannot wait to have a great steak.

Thank you

Peter Spencer

Grant Goldman 2SMSue Maynes Click arrow button to play or stop ...
December 15th 2009 – Radio station 2SM presenter Grant Goldman today interviewed Sue Maynes who delivered as spokes person for EnviroWild group research just how Australian Government engineered to STEAL not just farmers land but ALL Land Holding by you the people. Sue and her group have been presenting evidence, and supporting Peter Spencer on this dictatorship we have allowed to flourish by supporting them at the polling booths.

Grant Goldman 2SMAlastair McRobert Click arrow button to play or stop ...
December 15th 2009 – Radio station 2SM presenter Grant Goldman speaks with Alastair McRobert who is handling media and support for Peter Spencer with his update of Peter's condition and relates just how Peter started his 200 days in court and never allowed to give evidence of government land and carbon theft from Australian Farmers 23 days into his hunger strike.

Alan Jones Click arrow button to play or stop ...
December 8th 2009 – The second interview 2GB Allan Jones speaks with Peter Spencer's friend and spokes person Alastair McRobert on DAY 19 of his hunger strike. This gives a great summary of the stand Peter is making.

Alan Jones Click arrow button to play or stop ...
December 8th 2009 – 2GB Allan Jones speaks with Peter Spencer and Barrister Peter King who has represented Mr Spencer FREE in court over the issues of unworkable vegetation laws and theft of Australian farmer’s carbon credits to meet KYOTO requirements. This is a great interview and need to hears world wide.

Click arrow button to play or stop ...
December 4th 2009 – Mal Davies had this exclusive interview with Peter Spencer 50 feet above the ground on the weather mast at the Spencer farm, Shannon Flat NSW. Hear the dedication this man has to his fellow farmers and with no intention of coming down from his hunger strike until Prime Minister Rudd agrees to a Royal Commission the rural pillage by government of land rights and carbon credits.

Click arrow button to play or stop ...

December 8th 2009 – ABC Radio presenter of “Counter Point” Michael Duffy interviews Peter Spencer with a different approach as his years of association with Peter reveals.

The first Australian family lives to be destroyed by the Commonwealth Government
of Australia's Global Warming Policy.

Peter Spencer

Last Monday 23rd November 2009, farmer Peter Spencer started a indefinite Hunger Strike until the terms in his submissions are met.

Peter Spencer on Tuesday 2nd December 2009, moved his hunger strike from his farm house to a wind monitoring mast on his property Saarahnlee were he will stay until his requests are agreed to by PM Kevin Rudd. Local police arrived at the wind mast yesterday Tuesday 2nd December 2009, on a tip off from the Commonwealth Government, that is the only response from PM Kevin Rudd's office.

Deception, lies and deceit in hand with the denial of Australian citizens Constitutional Rights and basic Human Rights by the Australian Commonwealth Government and all levels of Government has lead to New South Wales farmer Peter Spencer , taking his plea to the streets. Peter has tried every avenue to have his concerns addressed by Government and the Judiciary. Peter has made over 200 appearances in Court at all levels and has been denied a Trial every time. One would wonder how this could happen in Australia.

Peter is requesting that himself and all the farmers who's property have been stolen by the Commonwealth Government, being 109 million Ha (19% of Australia's farm land) of farm land locked up to meet its UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol commitments are compensated for on Just Terms, as our Constitutional Right when Government takes Property. That property being 87.5 mega tonne of Carbon and sterilizing 109 million Ha of agricultural land. Peter is requesting a Royal Commission with terms of reference encompassing all Regulatory Takings from Australian farmers and the devastating slaughter of livestock by wild dogs from National Parks.

It is a sad day when a Australian citizen has to go to this extreme to hopefully have his and other effected farmers Constitutional Rights rein stated.

This presentation shows the then NSW Premier Bob Carr tell the interviewing presenter that the NSW and Queensland government do not pay land owners compensation when they acquire their land.

To read Peter Spencer's plight - CLICK HERE

Tell Tony Abbott the new leader of the opposition about your thoughts on Peter Spencer and ALL FARMERS land rights and carbon theft -


Watch this presentation of hacked emails from Climate Research Unit scientists at University East Anglia in England who designed this scam to fool the world with there engineered findings being the bench mark irrefutable evidence that the United nations have based their Climate Change for World Government Control... USE THE CONTROLS ON THE DISPLAY TO START AND STOP FRAMES OR MOVE AS REQUIRED FOR YOUR VIEWING.

Below is the 6 part plan the scientist from the Climate Research Unit set in place to deceive the world on their engineered findings to support humans causing climate change.

It is in a pdf document opened by clicking on the picture which will show the planned manipulation formula to sell the world and support fictional radical agenda driven governments and greens.


Brumbyy (with 2Y's)
November 18th 2009 –A rare interview with SOS-NEWS sub-editor Brumbyy (pictured) who undertook deciphering that 181 page UN Draft agenda for the Copenhagen Treaty Conference in December. Kevin Rudd intended to sell Australians to the United Nations Global Government without referendum to the people. This exposure of the document by Lord Monckton and Alan Jones of radio 2GB Brumbyy tells his concerns from wading through the mire of myth and covert writing, a field Brumbyy this leading Australian Private investigator is a well versed with.

Download a PDF copy of his report - CLICK HERE


Alan JonesMalcolm Turnbull
November 2nd 2009 – Malcolm Turnbull joins Alan Jones in the 2GB studio to talk about climate change, boat-people and Peter Costello's new government job. The heat of this interview is radiated from Malcolm Turnbull who proves no match for the fact of Alan Jones questions he would not answer. This interview is a must for all Australians to hear revealing TOTAL oblivion to the peoples voice under an arrogance only these politicians can muster relying on the sheeple vote to govern…


Alan JonesLord Monckton
October 28th 2009 – Alan Jones Speaks with Lord Monckton on radio 2GB about climate change that Lord Monckton exposes this fiction along with the hidden agenda of sanctioning a world government if signatures to the Copenhagen treaty convinces countries to surrender their countries. Lord Monckton, an authority on climate change, presented a DVD his lecture at Oxford University that is a must watch as is listening to this interview – You can obtain a copy of this DVD at our online store link – CLICK HERE

Download the UN Draft Document on Climate Chane and World Goverenment Lord Monckton refers to on the interview with Alan Jones - CLICK HERE.


Alan Jones
October 28th 2009 –
Alan Jones talks to Dr Richard Lindzen - Massachusetts Institute of Technology – atmospheric physicist – regarding the global warming scam. If you are in any doubt as to the true science of this myth of global warming here is the interview to put you straight.


October 20th 2009 - Mal Davies Interviews Dentist John Wilson: For decades Dentist John Wilson has been in and out of court and jail because he demands his constitutional rights to “Trial by Jury” which has been denied of him until October 2009, where in Parramatta NSW he will have is jury trial. This interview John runs a synopsis of his fight for right that all Australians are entitled to…



Nicole Canaway

This "Song Of Protest" by 19 year old singer/songwriter, Nicole Canaway from Queensland recorded about her state's premier- "Anna Bligh Song". Lyric are great as is production about the govt dictatorship and land theft people are suffering which includes her fathers clash with the Queensland Government ... to listen click green arrow


This audio introduction by editor Mal Davies offers a brief description to SOS-NEWS our network and history. Click the purple arrow to start the broadcast.

An audio introduction to SOS-NEWS by Editor Mal Davies offers a brief description of SOS-NEWS site network and history - just click on the purple arrow to start the broadcast.


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