Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is the clearest photo I have of Mum and her parents. Mum's mother was the daughter of the old man holding her in an earlier photo. By the time this photo was taken mum's mother's health was failing and its evident in this photo. In those days they said someone was "frail", while these days its Chronic Fatigue caused by a multiple of poisons.

Sje topped the state before marriage in pianoforte and I still have some of her hand written music. Mum inherited that love of sound and harmony which made all our lives much richer.

You know when I look at these people I know that it is true that nothing seperates us all but time.

This is anothe view of that "good year" house.

I would have loved to see the inside. Posted by Picasa

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You are them; they are you.