Thursday, January 19, 2006

This makes me laugh... but I admit to being a bit perverse.
Our eldest daughter gave her two youngest cousins a pretty pink bag each and some real lipsticks for Christmas... This little one - Tessa...surely named after me... but my sister's husband swears not...(i am not his favourite person) used up one while lipstick in the space of an afternoon...apart from her face, she spread it on her parents... furniture etc etc...and she looks so dedicated.... she is only 3...where does it come from? These people live right down near Milford Sound in New Zealand so are very far away from society's crap... sometimes I think it is has to be inborn... They're coming to visit us in April then on to two other sisters... I may just give her a little purse whith about half a dozen lipsticks to take with her into the pristine vaults of their respective homes.... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Should have tried that on Thorn, MC. That would have made him look really forlorn!

Unknown said...

How completely adorable. And I think you're right... my granddaughters, all three of them, wanted to put on lipstick from the moment their little hands could pick one up - and only one of their mothers wears the stuff, so where DOES it come from?