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27th  April 2013 - there is a disturbing photo here so if likely to be upset please be aware

Dear Mr Andrew Stoner,
I am in receipt of your letter 23rd April 2013. I am disappointed but not surprised at your response.  You would know writing to Ms Skinner is useless as she never answers any letters. Not even an acknowledgement.  Re the letter sent previously and parts of emails you sent to me in 2007 and 2008. You have not addressed any of the issues raised at all. I note that Ms Skinner is also responsible for Medical Research – surely a conflict of interest if she is there to ensure the public is protected from dangerous research as was done to Don in the last weeks at RNSH

It was Medical Research run by the George Institute in ICU wards in Australia and NZ which made Don's last weeks even more miserable than they would have been. A study called the NICE Study - "Joint Statement on the NICE-SUGAR Study on Intensive Vs Conventional Glucose Control in Critically Ill Patients
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) maintain that the findings of the Normoglycemia in Intensive Care Evaluation-Survival Using Glucose Algorithm Regulation (NICE-SUGAR) study should NOT lead to an abandonment of the concept of good glucose management in the hospital setting. Uncontrolled high blood glucose can lead to serious problems for hospitalized patients, such as dehydration and increased propensity to infection.

Results from the study indicate that critically ill patients treated in the intensive glucose control group were 14% more likely to die compared to critically ill patients in the conventional control group. 

More than 6,100 patients with hyperglycaemia in critical care units were randomized to either intensive glucose control (insulin infusion with target blood glucose between 80-108 mg/dl) or to conventional glucose control (insulin infusion begun if blood glucose was over 180 mg/dl, and discontinued if blood glucose dropped below 144 mg/dl). Severe hypoglycaemia (blood glucose below 40 mg/dl) occurred in approximately 6.8 percent of intensively treated patients compared to 0.5 percent of conventionally treated patients. The study showed no difference in length of time in the intensive care unit or in the hospital, or in other major outcomes such as time on ventilators or need for dialysis. 

On the first day Don was in Intensive Care this research was pushed to us with the qualifier that taking part meant only miniscule amounts of blood would be taken, but as this would be getting tested more regularly than normal, this would give Don a better chance of survival. At one time his Haemoglobin levels were down to 66 a dangerous level when 130 is normal – they still took bloods from him for this study.

Don was given many bags of blood over the time in ICU because his haemoglobin levels were dropping. He had 10 bags of blood over the last two weeks alone, always in an amount of two bags per transfusion. It was never explained why he would need this much, and I would dearly like to know why. Around 10th May, near the end, I was present when a doctor and nurse actually force-squeezed two bags of blood into Don as if it were an emergency. One of them was squeezing the bag while the other attended to the connection, then they changed positions with the second bag. I have no idea why this was happening. The notes record the times these bags were given as being hours apart, but they weren’t. I would say they were given within an hour of each other. God knows why the records are different from what I saw with my own eyes. My sister says in over 30 years of nursing she has never seen this done. She said it would have caused him suffering to have the blood forced into his body that quickly. I would also like to know why, if Don’s haemoglobin levels were so very low, and knowing how sick he was, why some days they did full blood tests eight, ten, twelve times a day? There is no way his poor sick body would have been able to make up all that blood. My sister is a nurse of over 30 years in renal Dialysis– she said he would have suffered terribly because of this – added to what else had already been done to him.

After election I met with Leslie in her rooms. She was a different person and her attitude had changed. She suddenly came up with the observation that the amounts of blood taken were not that high. The nurses I have had contact with one who actually worked in ICU at RNSH were shocked at how much blood was being taken. I think I would rather listen to these highly qualified nurses – one being Eve Hillary author of “Sarahs Last Wish”.

So by the Statistics 14% of the 6000 people who found themselves fighting for life in ICU’s in RNSH and other, would have died because of this study – that’s about 840 people who would not have died! But how many others like Don had their suffering made so much worse by this disgraceful and useless research. Who speaks for these people, certainly not the minister of medical research?
My sister with my permission, took this 18th April. At this stage Don had no infection, the research had started the day before, he had not become full of fluid and had not forcibly had the ventilator removed five times and held till he was at the point of Respiratory arrest which is horrible to watch and how much more horrible to go through for no reason. At his point he had another dreadful 33 days, that’s four weeks and five days to endure their torture. I am not enclosing this for shock value just to remind you that there was a human being involved here.

My husband’s treatment and death has so many levels which need investigation that to thoroughly investigate his killing would open up too many areas of criminality which is at present covered up by the Medical and medical Research world, and the Health Department. A Department which has always no matter who was in Government protected the medical criminals and abandoned the vulnerable people who find themselves in their hands.

You know there should have been a full Inquiry into Don’s brutal treatment and death. An Inquiry where we would have the help needed to have independent from the Health Dept doctors go through the sequence of events, the medication stuff ups, the effect of covering up of unnecessary treatment, close examination of Scans and Pathology, the multiple infections, the dangerous research, the filthy surroundings and a list that only a medical person could cover. I do not have the funds to do this.

What really haunts me is that I know that in NSW Hospitals there are people like Don, like Vanessa Anderson and others being killed right now because nobody in either Government has had the humanity to actively work for changes.

Andrew just referring this all on to Jillian Skinner as you know is worse than useless. It appears to me that all people do when they are in Government refer us to other Ministers who don’t answer. I don’t apologise for writing in this vein. Our small family was and is very close. For us to not work for justice for Don is unthinkable as it would be with all loving families. We are his last line of defence as it seems there is none to be had anywhere else.

I hope you reconsider.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Therese Mackay

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shame on local Pollies

25th April 2013

To the Editor

Dear Editor,
On 9/10/2007 I received the following email from the then Deputy Leader of the NSW Coalition, who is now the Deputy Premier of NSW, “Obviously the Iemma Government is doing all it can to keep the inquiry and complaints handling 'in house'.  We (the opposition) will seek next week to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry via the Upper House.
In the meantime, I'll ask jillian Skinner if she has any advice to give you.”
On Fri 17/10/2008 I received the following email from the same Mr Stoner, “Thanks Therese, please let me know of any response. Hopefully after tomorrow you'll have another MP who will take up the fight, in Leslie Williams, with whom I have spoken about your terrible tragedy. As a nurse, she is appalled at the treatment Don suffered and wants to see justice done.”
Since the election when Mr Stoner and Ms Williams came to power it has been like pulling hen’s teeth to get them to honour their past “support” if that’s what it was.
Mr Stoner and the health Minister Skinner do not even bother to answer any letters or reminders of letters unacknowledged.
Time has passed and no doubt those who could change things are glad of that as it is easier to ignore the wrongful brutalisation and death of Don Mackay a resident of the Hastings, my husband and father of our daughters.
I say shame on Mr Andrew Stoner. I say shame on Ms Leslie Williams. I say shame on Ms Jillian Skinner. They are now the problem. Labor wouldn’t investigate and act, but these three are far worse because they pretended to care at the time when our family was grieving.
I have enclosed links of both Andrew Stoner and Leslie Williams speaking at my book launch in support. How they can look themselves in the mirror beats me. I would be interested in how many others they offered support to before the election and have not delivered.
If anyone is in any doubt as to the horrific nature of my husband’s treatment please see my webpage and contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Therese Mackay Andrew Stoner speaks at Book Launch in Sept 2010 he was in Opposition then now the Deputy Premier Leslie Williams speaks at Book Launch in October 2010 she was then running for the seat of Port Macquarie as the National Party Candidate – she was elected to office March 2011

These photos were taken on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. My uncle another Alf McGoldrick, nephew of the one I wrote about earlier today is the man in the middle of this photo. I was told he was very tall and very handsome and fit as well as a really nice bloke. This crew were a burial detail - We buried theirs when able - Not all these men made it home but Alf did and someone else in this photo - if you blow the first one up it explains what the photo is about. although the names are not in order as I know what Alf looked like...Sadly they survived this horrible time only to both be killed when they rolled a jeep (I believe) soon after the war out near where the Glenbawn dam was being built -

Here in the next pphoto the bloke on the right is amongst friends,

 dressed like them armed like them and yet once 

he returned to Australia he was not allowed to vote 

nor enter the RSL clubs dedicated to servicemen - at least this has improved

Uncle Alf McGoldrick born in the late 1880's
A young woman

 whom I know loves horses called for the horses used in war to be honoured today ANZAC day - she inspired me to remember what I was told not so long ago by an uncle. Pictured here are two images of my maternal Grandfather Tom's younger brother Alf who was born in the 1880's - I wrote on her page 
"My Uncle Alf was a Gunner in WW1 in France - A Gunner was a soldier who was on horseback - his own horse - often - and they had the larger guns strapped to the horses to take to the front line. It was years later when he was able to tell another Uncle Des - who had just returned from Kokoda - WW2 - that the army vets were ordered by top brass to cut the horses vocal chords because the sounds of their screaming when they were shot were causing the men to be really upset. Uncle Alf and my grandfather Tom were horsebreakers and it was commented on that not once were they ever seen to use whips - they did it the way they had been taught by the Irish fathers - Alf loved horses and this must have been a dreadful memory - he was later gassed and survived but was never as strong as he had been - never married nor had kids - He lived till old age - and as a child on the rare times I saw him I loved him but was too young to know why he was a little hard to be around. It is these such and their horses that we honour today."

Young Alf

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Bullfighter Quits from Compassion–Beautiful | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website

Bullfighter Quits from Compassion–Beautiful | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website

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An Inquiry - depends on how hard its pushed

Today I had news from the greens John Kaye NSW Parliament - who has written he will ask Jillian Skinner in Parliament about an Inquiry for the torture and death of Don in 2007. At the launch of my book "Without Due Care" Mr Andrew Stoner who is now the Deputy Premier supported me in my quest for an Inquiry - (I have this in his email to me). Now in Parliament he will not respond to me letters. So now for John Kaye I uploaded DVD footage of the book launch in NSW Parliament House 2010 Sept. It is in three parts - worth the watch as it is strong and needed stuff. "Without Due care" Book Launch held at NSW Parliament House Sept 2010 Part 1 – MC, Andrew Stoner MP, Melissa, Alison and Therese Mackay "Without Due care" Book Launch held at NSW Parliament House Sept 2010 Part 2 – Therese Mackay, John Hatton, Eve Hillary"Without Due care" Book Launch held at NSW Parliament House Sept 2010 Part 3 – Eve Hillary and Lorraine Long

Friday, April 19, 2013

My good mate Ian had his Funeral Service today. I was unable to go back to NSW for the Funeral so lit a candle and thought about him - so hard to believe - he was such a funny Celt. A decent guy and so well informed and open minded...a treasure as not many like that about - his flatmate Bren is devastated and will grieve for him.


Friday, April 12, 2013

RIP Ian Crewe
Bren Brown and Ian Crewe
I have just heard that a good decent friend died on Saturday, horribly, sadly. He was honest, and funny. One of the good ones on this earth. He was an amputee from a car accident in the 80's and went on to develop Addison s disease soon after. It is a horrible disease which usually only those who have it and very few enlightened medical people truly understand. Because of this Ian suffered often when he needed to go to hospital - like many who suffer deeply, he seldom complained and even on the very bad days was always ready with something funny to tell. Unlike so many he was although not always coping well himself ready to help out in any way he could. I shall miss deeply our regular phone calls and the many subjects we covered. I shall miss knowing his view about what things amused him in my old home town. Although he died alone and was not found for a while - I know from what my husband told me shortly before his own death that nobody on this earth dies alone. Someone who loves them is there with them to ease the terror. Goodbye Ian, hopefully there is no more pain for you only light around you. Bren his good  friend found Ian sadly passed away on the bathroom floor - hours after he had died - she herself had been in Hospital and just returned. I got to know Ian and Bren after I published my book Without Due care - he rang me as he had seen the add in the paper but he was really unwell so i bought it around to him. From Wales - he had a rich Celtic humour. Ian died horrible sadly - and I had trouble getting control of myself . He was one of the good ones on this planet. I visited Ian and Bren in December when I was home and am so glad I did - I was made so welcome. He took such pride showing me the view over the canals from their place - a place sadly Bren has to leave now as she on her own cannot afford the rent. A wonderful man. A good friend and one of a kind.

Today it is 6 years to the day of when the butchers who were Don's doctors botched their surgery on him  - and sent him on the path five weeks later to another horrible death. The synchronicity of these two events is sad to consider

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warnings growing about the dangers of school use of WIFI

If you have a child in a school who uses wi-fi consider the attached. In France WiFi in schools is banned and they have gone back to Wired.... this as well applies to those who use laptops and Ipads a lot -

Sunday, April 07, 2013    just lovely and so many memories

Friday, April 05, 2013

I have just finished listening to the Radio Talk show posted a previous post. It reminded me so much of everything I have felt and experienced. One Quote from the show "The people who are victims know. the rest think you are making it up." Some things are so bad so horrible sometimes you cannot find the words for it but these people are exactly where I am in my head. I am so pleased that in the online community we are all starting to find each other. I am more than happy to post a copy of my book in hard copy to anyone free of charge but it is available on line as a pdf here. One person on the show said "You (doctors) are killing  our loved ones and then you make us try to prove you were wrong" That resonates with me. There has never been any one government organisation ever or official body who has given a damn that these monsters are killing over and over. Errors I understand. But continued errors, multiple errors and covering up - there are some serial killers amongst the medical profession. There are serial rapists, misogynists (Reeves), people who think they are God and won't even wash their own hands because they don't have germs. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered at the hands  of these monsters. One lady on this show had her daughter killed 10 years ago...she is still grieving and just wants some justice - Don was killed close to 6 years ago and the call for justice has never left my heart. To hear others talk as they have in here is like talking and listening to close friends because we do know the gravity of the massive cover up.
Many medical organizations in this country are making mistakes that kill and seriously injure patients. This information about these tragedies have been hidden from public view. A spokesperson for the HHS’s Health Resources and Services Administration who oversees the Data Bank says they have a responsibility to make sure under federal law that information in the system remains confidential.
What they are failing to realize is that the National Practitioner Data Bank original intent was to be a flagging system for organizations credentialing healthcare professionals. The Data Bank has done nothing to protect the public and only created a secret bank to keep the people from knowing that some doctors and medical personnel have serious infractions against them, ranging from drug and alcohol abuse to child trafficking. The organizations want to suppress this information from the public. David Baker and advocate like so many others are trying to change this. The people have the right to know."

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

She never seems to answer any letters

A Long time ago but with photos being so clear sometimes it feels like the people are just about to speak. 
Always where there is great love there is always the risk of great grief but I rather have had that experience of that love than to have only loved lightly. I can't imagine living all my life in that hollow passionless way with someone you don't have that spark. So in a way our family was and is lucky because of what we had - we know it is possible. I am still chasing that mongrel of a NSW Health Department to act and I am not obsessed in this, in that most of my life is pretty happy, but for me I have to continue for the reason that it is the right thing to do. So this letter to Jillian Skinner just went everywhere - to anyone I could think of and to her of course.
Dear Ms Jillian Skinner,
I have not received even an acknowledgement of my letter to you written/ sent/ received 16th March 2013. It is now 2nd of April 2013. When will you respond in full to my letter to you please? It is not good enough to just claim “nothing to be gained by opening this case for further investigation and consider the matter now closed.”  Please tell me what part of my husband’s brutalisation and death was acceptable practice in any country at any time. It appears you condone such disgusting practices if you choose to do nothing. Please tell me you do not condone the shocking botch of his surgery and its cover up. Please do not think that because my husband was a Quadriplegic that his suffering and death was any lesser importance than if he had been able bodied. It appears this way to me.

You are now responsible as the Health Minister. My husband deserves  justice for how horribly he was forced to suffer and for being killed how he was. What we witnessed will never leave our nightmares. It just is not right Ms Skinner and you know it. He has just been put in the “too hard” basket. I do not know of what beliefs you have but it is on these sorts of things we will be judged.

Please take the time soon to respond. I am not going away and no matter what the doctors and hospital involved they will not be burying their criminal mistakes which cost my poor husband his life.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Therese Mackay"