Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last year the federal Government in Australia gave a bonus to all parents of children living in was a good sum... I think it was $1000 per child but may be incorrect...but in that dhould have heard the outcry from the Opposition Politicians 9who probably wished they'd thought of it first),Social workers and do gooders who no doubt would have preferred that they got a new airconditioned office or yet another useless bloody tier of advocates to help us poor bloody stupids handle our own lives. They were fair frothing at the mouth in their outrage...a lovely sight.

I wrote this as a letter to the editor and had some good feedback from some...

Dear Editor,
Leave the young parents alone. If the Federal Government gives back some of our taxpayers money in whatever way they choose, this time for parents, why are we so quick to find fault?

We live in a culture which condemns the good to collar the bad. If some parents blow the cash they were allowed, then consider this, that the huge bulk of parents will use that money to help the family in whatever way they see fit.

Some will pay their Rego so that they can get to work, some will replace a broken washing machine or fridge, some will get clothes of shoes for the kids. Most will use the money in constructive ways of their own choice as adults.

There are always some who will not, just as some politicians rort their travel allowances, should then all politicians have travel allowances taken from them? The amount given out would be a dinner or two for the fat cats around town. But oh dearie me just listen to those same fat cats bemoan the ability of you and me to deal with such a humongous sum of money.

What is it they really fear? A usurping of the known order where money is dribbled out at such a low rate as to be almost useless except for buying bread and jam perhaps?

It’s a mindset thing our culture of “punishment of all to get the guilty”

We accept the fact that while we know Heroin helps terminally ill Cancer sufferers deal with their pain whilst keeping a clear mind, something that Morphine doesn’t do, Cancer sufferers are denied this God given relief because some people abuse Heroin.

Lets try and let go of the Convict mentality. There are far more good and responsible young parents than there are bad, and this money, which came from my taxes, will give those good parents a boost financially, some of them seldom get.

Lets support the decent young parents and give them a well earned boost from time to time and accept that as with our politicians there will always be a few, a very few who abuse our trust, and get on with making Australia a strong open hearted and generous place for parents to bring up young Australians in.

Sometimes a boost in life is all we need to turn the corner when in times of financial straits and who better to get that boost than those who genuinely want their children to have some sort of a future in our wonderful country.

Better to give it to us than to squander it in some other country, which will turn round and kick us in the teeth as soon as it suits them.
Yours sincerely

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that, MC