Monday, December 31, 2012

Dropkick Murphys - "The Season's Upon Us" (Video)

Glad ours are a little quieter - this is good fun. The Dropkick Murphys are excellent - may have to connect to You Tube to watch this.

Good times with my sister

Good times at Chrissie with my eldest sister! Miss her but plenty of good times to come no doubt

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Mack Truck a comin for you boyos

My new licence plate
I have dropped right back from posting here because of a couple of real mongrels who have nothing better to do than salivate in their suburban fortresses about what I might do next - (not that anything has ever been done to them the pack of cowards) But this lovely Chrissie pressie needs must be advertised here. Can't let them think I have forgotten to live up to the cruel gossip they spread about me behind closed doors - real gentlemen both...time will sort them out no doubt as it seems to do  - so sorry if this makes little sense to some - it will make sense to the two sneaky little rats - (and apologies to the rats please) - who are so self righteous ...


"Watch out sticky beak wimpy old men brothers in law - I have just about mastered my automatic and working on my Mack truck licence - only 26 gears to master and then watch out - I hope you like my Chrissie pressie. Look how very tough I have become you pair of slack arsed slimy mongrels out then wimps - a Mack truck a might be a comin for you in about 2025 at this rate... but then that gives you plenty of time to get on the phone and gossip with each other about big bad old Middle pack of gutless bastards"

More Christmas photos

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Christmas Day 2012

 Christmas was wonderful but over so soon. My sister and eldest daughter and her husband have all left - it just seemed to fly by with nary a sour note. I remember one afternoon just sitting there and thinking that "the people that I love so much are here and at this moment in my life I am totally happy" - I have been left with the largest bottle of my favourite Drambuie - still unopened because I was just not recovered enough to enjoy any... but there will be plenty of time. I hope all had someone beside them who they loved and that everyone is happy and well...
Ali and Andrew on the night before Christmas when all through the house...
My sister cooking her heart shaped Fruit cake
My sister and I
Chrissie day  - Melissa and Chris
Lissy and Ali all ready for the present unwrapping
Ali, Lissy and Veronica - with me in the back
The girls

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Been back to my old home at Craggy Island. Came back sick as a dog with the flu - always seem to after a plane trip...but so happy to re meet the family who have moved into our place. They have four horses, one hand raised calf, two dogs and occasionally a red kelpie visitor who isn't there when you look at him! They have made a gnome place for the little boy, hammocks,  etc etc can't show them or the inside as thats not the right thing to do but I came away from them with a glow - they are even more right for the beautiful place than we are because they can feed this into their kids and will stand them in good stead when they are adults.

We launched our little book called "StoryWeavers" (not keen on the name myself but couldn't think of a better one - its of  my writing group's stories and poems - we'd been together for 10 years and this was just something we wanted to do...nearly all sold now but we only had a hundred printed.

Christmas soon so hard to believe I have been here over a year now.

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