Saturday, July 28, 2012

Off to Brissie and Sydney for a couple of weeks - more regular posting when I return - its been a very busy couple of weeks - will miss my little place but I am looking forward to seeing my sisters and other daughter.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Late on Saturday afternoon

My favourite - a sunset over the roof tops
 Not a lot of things happening van is broken again - the engine mount totally cracked... now I know what that ominous knocking sound was...I have signed up for and start a Tafe Course to refresh what I did last year...hopefully this will lead to some work at the end. And this beautiful sunset - I can take living in town (only just) as long as I can see sunsets like this...I think its hard for those who have never lived out of town to realise how one can miss just seeing away into the distance all sides every day - there is a feeling you can't explain and it certainly isn't tame. I find it very tame living in town... but I guess its like someone who has lived all their life in the burbs being unsettled by the isolation of wide open spaces...
Cats are okay as you can see...a few plants growing...

Some Primulas from my tiny yard

Werribee South beach last Sunday

Werribee Beach South
Last Sunday arvo about 4pm I went out for a drive out to Werribee South Beach. It was a beautiful winter's afternoon and the sun was beginning to head down for the night ...Its the time of day when you realise that shadows are not black but varying shades of blue - I took some photos but these are my favourites. I spotted these two blokes coming across the water in this tiny little boat. They looked pretty happy. I could see a couple of doggies in their boat but it wasn't till they beached that I realised they had four of them on board. I would hazard a guess these two are natives from about here because they were so at home as they dragged the little boat up and carried it to its trailer. What was really funny was that the man with the hoodie on took charge of the dogs from the other man who had them at first. When he stopped to do something all four doggies went round and round his legs with their was just so funny and he cracked up laughing

The place was just beautiful and there were so many fishermen of all ages, sizes and races...not that I saw anyone catch anything