Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is another family cat, which belongs to my eldest (much older) sister. This one like Ebony is also 17 and was christened "Pussy Gardiner" after an old family friend of our mother's. Pussy Gardiner was confined to a cage over the Christmas period as she and Ebony do not see eye to eye, and at their age they need all the five senses that they have left.

My sister got dressed down and kicked off a teenage website once because of Pussy Gardiner. Our niece had put a lot of her artwork on the site which was aimed at 15's to about 30. So we all had a look and put our comments on. (She's good). But my silly sister signed off, Aunty Veronica and Pussy Gardiner. Well all the alarm bells in the world must have been triggered and Veronica was soundly told that she should be ashamed of herself
, that this was for young people and that she had now been blocked from any further comments.

We all had a great laugh at this ...naughty naughty Aunty Veronica. She thought it was just another name for a cat... as you would do.
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charlie said...

Oooooooh, that's really tempting me to be all smutty and school-boyish, MC, but i'll have to confine myself to the comment that I YATE CATS!