Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh Boy! ... did Australia Day turn out to be an interesting excursion down to our Town Green. Off we went in the sweltering heat to look at the market stalls... I do not like summer one little bit. But Don was armed with Aussie flags and Southern Crosses galore and looked very festive and I bought him three more flags to stick n all the orifices of the wheelchair and he look such a treat.

But before that we had trouble finding a park...DO NOT EVER PARK ILLEGALY IN DISABLED PARKING SPOTS OK,ITS JUST BLOODY SELFISH AND CRUEL! No Parks at all...So we parked streets away and Don got really dizzy with very low BP and ran off the side of the path... I was at that time saying to him..."lets make it to that yellow car up ahead...there's shade there"...and he said "But they are all white to me...everything is white" and off the path he went. Some female strength was called into action and I hauled his electric chair out of its resting place... luckily he was still in it poor bloody bugger. (I wish I could stop myself laughing at semi tragedies...I seem to get a picture of what it must look like from above and I am cannot be much of a comfort for those too sensitive!)

We paddled about the stalls till I said "its too bloody hot, I feel really sick." so he went his way...his BP had returned to normal so i wasn't being neglectful if you are worried about that...we know what to do and handle things our own way. I found an airconditioned shop which sold Banana smoothies..I stupidly scrimped on breakfast... and made the usual obligatory joke about "Mad Dogs and Englishmen going out in the middday sun." and this strong Yorkshire accent answered me from beyond the airconditioned shop..."Well I am in here...maybe its the Aussies who are mad." Maybe he is bloodywell right.

Later Don sidled up to me and said "she's over there!" I knew exactly who he meant..."You mean D...?" Yeass he said. "Right what are we gonna do?" This is the big fat lazy ugly turd of a nurse who was not a nurse...a fake nurse who sued us so many times in the past five years...and cost us about $13 to $16 thousand dollars in legal fees plus another four in "sundries" lovely word that "sundries".

So there she was surrounded by her scungy friends laughing away in her stolen finery and we wheeled and walked up to her, "Sued any Cripples Lately D...? she said "grow up" well at 55 and 51 we are grown up enough to deal with the likes of that big fat scumbag in front of her mates Don said" You got heaps of money off me...$20, what you got from Workers Comp". Everyone looked all civilised and we do in society but we persevered, I said "I've got a great video of you D..." (which I have...of her easily lifiting her big fat griocery bags into a trolley with no pain at all..the cow)..."I think I'll just hang onto it for a little while.." and off we wheeled and walked....

The funny thigs was that Don had had to have all his front teeth out last Monday...and he looks like a real hillbilly and terribly poor when he talks...with no teeth much to see...

We realise how vindictive she can here's hoping she was exposed before her friends..and if not it sure felt good...

We both said at about the same time we felt all screwed up in the guts...or words to that there is a lot of anger there for sure and deservedly so

We would have gone stronger but she has sued us so many times it was just not worth handing that fat cow over any more money which we could use.

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BwcaBrownie said...

write her name on a black candle and let it burn down.

notch it up by lighting it on the grave of a person who died violently.

notch it up by doing this at midnight.

do not laugh. I have the results to prove the efficacy of this voodoo.

she sounds so vile I guess just being her is punishment enough.