Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A shot from the front drive to our home. Our own little haven on the flood plain...and yes we know what is going to happen re the greenhouse and all of that and no doubt we'll have to live on the corrugations on the roof when it does, but until then we live in a little quiet heaven... albeit very hot until March, but beautiful also.

The house is not large, but has large windows and I never draw the curtains so it feels like the outside is an extension to the house.

We only moved here out of town about 2 years ago alomst...and I have never felt safer in my life. An old couple in their 80's lived here, but he became ill and had to go into a Nursing home just near the end of his life (luckily), and his wife moved down there to be with him.

They moved here from England via Botany Bay (believe it or not) but not in chains...when they were about 50, (30 years ago). They wanted to be self sufficient hence we have a lovely mandarin tree, a few orange trees and an old cow bale which the cat lives in... somehow I think they must have supplemented their diet elswhere.

She was lovely. I never met him and he died just after we moved in here. For me the place carries their legacy in a way, because it all feels so good.

A bit Polly Anna ish but there it is. Posted by Picasa


charlie said...

Nothing at all wrong with Polly Anna, T

R H said...

Hello. I'm Tex's distant cousin. A city boy.
I like your house, with all that grass and all those trees. And all that tranquility. If I lived there I'd abandon BIG ISSUES. I'd write dear little poems, that's all.
And be happy.


R H said...

On second thoughts, you will do as you please, of course.
And as you must.

(Vain fellow)

Brownie said...

It looks perfect to me. congratulations.

last night at 1am my neighbour ripped off the rear screendoor of his rented house and whacked it against his house until 2am. you probably don't get that sorta thing where you are.
no I didn't call the useless Plod. They had been at 7:30 and 9:30 and 11:30

R H said...

That could only happen to you Miss Brownie.