Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today and right now it's only hours before my husband was killed by medical bastardry...the final insult and crime was the local doctor taking away the ventilator when Don wanted a bit more time - just to be with us. That mongrel prick and a turd no doubt thinks he is a good doctor - but he is a criminal as far as our family is concerned. So now as the beautiful autumnal day winds down. the soft sun takes the light - as it did on the day Don was killed - The candle is lit ;
 the photos near...and I remember our life together; our children; the hard and good times; the fun and wickedness - the deep compassion he had for us all...I will go on living the years he was denied... how could I not. That would be feeding the mongrels who killed him. I will look towards the light; remember the love and fight when i can for justice if not for us then for others. Rest in Peace my lovely man. 4/7/1950 - 17/7/2007. On my birthday in 2007 (February) he got the nurse - I think it was Skye - unsure - to put his present to me, over his head so he could give it to me - he couldn't have wrapped anything so beautifully as the way this was given to me. it's a gold chain with two hearts...and I wear it all the time... too many men lose the romance with time - not this one and I was so lucky to have had what so many do not. Thank you so very much Don.