Tuesday, April 07, 2015

"Dirty Waters, Dangerous Fish"

Make sure you know exactly where your seafood comes from... buy local if able.
 An Easter tradition in our little family is to give each other a pair of flannelette Pj's for the approaching winter - makes sense  - we might get a little bit of chocolate but not much - two are gluten and dairy intolerant - lucky found a bit for them that was okay at the local health food store. A bit late here but happy Easter to all.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Just IMAGINE... Stop what your doing right now and JUST IMAGINE ....


I had tears listening to this young man. I am just 60 and to hear this man tell it as I have felt all my life makes my heart swell. Listen to him and IMAGINE the world we could have so easily bar for our "leaders - bankers media etc" as he says "Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do" it's how I have tried to live and it works...

What's wrong with Queensland Health? - Pete, Physio

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Interview with Therese Mackay from Fair Dinkum Radio 26th April 2012

This was the first one done in 2012 and followed up by the next one in 2013 see following post

Monday, December 22, 2014

I don't know what this little birdie is called but he/she was

 outside my kitchen sink window yesterday and today - he

 didn't really seem to mind my being there...here I was 

wishing I could see into the sunset or sunrise and this little

 treasure was granted to me at arms length. Anyone from 

Victoria who knows what this bird is called will be 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bryan Rosner's New Lyme Book: "Freedom From Lyme Disease" - Published Ju...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

And in the in between time we had a visit together
Alison and Melissa May 2014

New puppy and parents

Some newer family members. My girls have in the past months welcomed some new family members. Not too long after Cuss died Melissa's car Spooky died. She then got another abandoned kitten Elvis to be a companion to her lovely Maggie. 

Then Ali and Andrew came home after being vetted with this big fluffy dog that is more like a cat. So many animals needing homes. Can't understand anyone dumping their pet.
grows daily...and grows on you the little devil

and Melissa's newest one Elvis
Melissa and Maggie the cat

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cuss Died Good friday

Cuss my lovely old cat died last night. Sad as it was she died naturally and I was beside her on the lounge as she was dying. 
The lady who rescued Cuss and her two kittens (they were dumped by some bastard) wrote this about how she rescued Cuss and how she came to me. 
"I will never forget the dear little Tortie cat (“stray”) that darted back into the bush when she first spotted me trying to rescue her and her babies. It took weeks, the poor little girl had obviously been chased away by residents. One silly woman, when i asked if i could leave a bowl of food near her flat ( to encourage Cuss to come out, and eventually go into a trap) – she said  “Oh I do not want to encourage that cat!!”  She had also blocked up a little entrance to a hole that went under the flats. I told her to be careful she did not trap the cat & family INSIDE under the flat – so she kindly unblocked it. I explained I WANT TO ENCOURAGE the cat to come out to eat – so I can rescue them all and they will not have to be killing wildlife. This “wild”  “feral black cat” turned out to be the sweetest, gentlest little cat – from the moment I lifted the cover to see how i was going to deal with this “wild feral” cat and babies. I had taken them into the bathroom in preparation for her going berserk when I tried to handle them.
       Months later dear little Cuss was a $20 “donation” cat adopted by my elderly friend Patty. Remember Patricia passed away also about 2- 3 yrs. ago. I so clearly recall Gerry (at Cuddles Cottage) calling me to say “I have a good home for Cuss.” I knew whoever Gerry felt OK with would be a good Mummy for Cuss." 
Cuss came to me in late 2008 after our dog died...I shall miss her.