Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dipping into my old photos again...its got me thinking and there is so much there, so bear with me... My mother is the little girl second from the right. Her first cousin is on her right, but am unaware who the two on the left are. Mum told me she recalled driving to town in an old Sulky, hopefully not this cart...and that they left in the wee small hours and took most of the day to get there...slept overnight, did groceries and supplies and made it back by nighttime the next day...this only hapened once a month. But around the time this was taken Grandfather purchased a car and things were better...Our parents, those of us in their 60,50 and 40's crossed the time from those who lived before electricity and cars...till now. Its an amazing thing to actually have the words in your heart of those who lived that way, and be here blogging this post round the world. Mum would only be 77 if she was still alive and she sure knew how to work the video and all of thet, especially if they were home videos. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

These old photos are wonderful social documents, MC

Otilia said...

do you know how much i love to look at these and read the stories?

BwcaBrownie said...

My own family's old photos are the same, and I love them too. My favourite is my dad and his siblings ALL on the same pony riding off to school. He was a bad pony and would not take then unless he was given ... cake!
Pleas keep 'em coming Ella's child.