Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Now this is an even older photo. I've been scanning in the old family photos and I like this one of my maternal grandmother Vera, with yet another smiley doggie who is obviously very comfortable with her. She died when Mum was only four, not too long after this shot was taken... I know she rode the farm horses, as well as she played Chopin, and grew up in a house with a dirt floor... Im know she was gently spoken and kind. I know she worked hard in the isolation of the farm 40 miles from town.I think the likes of her have more class in their little fingers than those who society lauds and admires. Just because I didn't get to meet her or know her, doesn't mean anything. She exists in me, and mine still even though she died so very ong ago.

"Nothing good is ever lost". Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Yep, another brilliant pic, Therese. Ever thought of writing up your family history, including all the pics, and producing it in book form? You have interesting stories to tell.

Diane S. said...

I cherish old photographs and this one is a pearl. I love the smiling dog, and lovely strength of your grandmother.

I love the juxtaposition of a dirt floor and playing Chopin.

I love the idea that nothing good ever dies.