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Help needed please

Please if you have the time write a short message to Andrew Stoner by way of support his email is ''
29th  March 2013

The Hon. Andrew John STONER MP
Member of the Legislative Assembly
Member for Oxley
Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment, and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services Member of the Nationals 
Level 30 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place

Dear Mr Andrew Stoner,
I am writing to you now as the Deputy Premier of NSW. I have previously, since your Coalition was elected, addressed all queries to Mrs Leslie Williams as she is the Member representing the area Don and I were living in when he was killed in 2007.

I do understand how hard it is to go up against the medical profession and some of my greatest heroes are those who have done so and have persevered. I understand that for you to honour your support of the Petition I created and which you supported in 2008 would be hard in the current climate considering how lightly ex doctors such as Patel and Reeves are treated. I do know how the system works as I am in close touch with people injured by these two dreadful men.

For those of us who have someone we love brutalised and killed by gross medical negligence it is no different than if a criminal came along and did the same. In our case as with too many, the errors and negligence and research were so bad they just cannot be tossed off as “mistakes”. There were never any “right turns”.

I have no doubt that Don’s being a Quadriplegic went a long way to the shocking way he was treated. This is backed up by a case I have become aware of where a Quadriplegic man was allowed to have the Ventilator removed only four months after his accident – the very time when reality and hence depression set in. This was in the very same ward as Don was in. Attitudes have changed. The author of Sarah’s Last Wish, Eve Hillary worked in RNSH ICU in the past and said that Ventilators were never removed from anyone who was not brain dead, when she was there. Now people in full control of their faculties are euthanised. It is the beginning of a very slippery slope to Eugenics. I have information on this which can easily back up my claims.

In Don’s case it was more that they just couldn’t be bothered doing even the most basic to keep him safe.

On 17th the June 2008 you presented my Petition to Parliament. The wording of that Petition “On behalf of Don my husband of thirty-five years, our daughters, and myself, I request authorities begin an independent, open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay. His death was a direct result of five weeks he spent in RNSH between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died).  I request that the Cardiothoracic surgeon and team, the Spinal Ward doctors and nurses who ignored my husband’s worsening condition receive disciplinary action because of their  negligence, which led to Don’s first Respiratory Arrest and inability to come off ventilation. ICU and Cardio Thoracic Specialists who withheld full disclosure of his condition from us should receive disciplinary action.  Their non-disclosure led to Don being subjected to unnecessary torture, which lasted five long weeks.  I request that the filthy practices and deplorable conditions he endured without choice in ICU be exposed. Legally, ethically, why and how are the medical practitioners protected from criminal charges?” you appeared to support.

I have various emails from back then where you intimated you would contact Jillian Skinner on this and that issue I had raised. It all seemed like support. When you spoke at the Launch of my book in September 2010, there was no doubt about the level of your disgust at what was done to Don, a frail and vulnerable human being, and I felt no doubt about your support of our quest for some small justice.

So now I am asking you as Deputy Premier, as a National Party Member, as a husband and father to do what you can to ensure that there is some justice for the crimes which killed my husband. Just because it happened in a hospital does not make it any less a crime.

If there is no justice for what was done to Don, then it will be okay to do the same to the next disabled man, woman or heaven forbid, child. As with the relatives of the murdered Bowraville children who have not received justice, as with the case of Luke Quintano and so many others...we cannot just give up and go away. To do so would be a betrayal of everything that makes us human that allows us our soul – something I am reminded of this Good Friday.

Somewhere at sometime in our lives we have to take a stand against what we know is wrong.

I hope you will represent our family and do what you can to ensure that my husband can in our minds rest in peace. That he is with God I have no doubt, but he was always the one to go in and bat for the underdog, to help all the family when needed without prompting. He endured levels of pain which would have flattened me, and he not once complained – I just knew by his face,  but his will to live and be in life was a wonder to us all and we are all lifted by knowing him.

IN a civilised country we look out for and defend the most vulnerable, but not so in NSW where one can be abused and killed and no one cares to do anything.

On this Good Friday I hope you will consider calling for that Inquiry (not HCCC – they are worse than useless) called for in the Petition you supported in 2008.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs Therese Mackay'   andrew Stoner

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Patel - Live Autopsies and Forgotten Voices

Patel - Live Autopsies and Forgotten Voices

"Patel's forgotten, former co-workers, patients and their relatives speak out about a "live autopsy'", their harrowing experiences and a QLD Government doing every thing it can to let their former employee off the hook.

Why has QLD's crown prosecutors in court treated Patel as a properly registered medical professional? Why do they continue to focus on Patel's clinical skills, rather than his clinical qualifications, after a Royal Commission found he wasn't a properly registered doctor?

Could it be for the same reason that Patel was protected by the system for 2 years, despite all the complaints - Money and to save political embarrassment and adverse scrutiny of political supporters in the powerful medical system"

“The LNP cover up of a serial killer doc is revealed. The man who helped Nurse Whistleblower Toni Hoffman speak out about Jayent Patel, (Rob Messenger) now helps a new whistleblower uncover another murderous medico. Jo Barber a former police CIB and medical board chief investigative officer, blows the whistle on a possible serial killer doctor who has been working in QLD for at least 5 years.” Rob Messenger
 My words below
Maybe one of Campbell Newman's rellos might end up under the knife of this evil pyschopath - Serial killer doctors are in every large town in Australia...many know this...the rest have not experienced...Some kill women. Some kill poorer patients. Some as in my husband's case kill the disabled and research on them as they are doing so.

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The Gift

The Gift.
Something that I have been considering a lot of late. I always felt this way but didn't put it into words. It’s something that those who have not experienced severe disability, their own or their close ones - might have considered. Then again one must not assume anything in this life.

Severe disability whether born with it, caused by illness or accident is very hard for the person disabled of course and as well, for those very close to them. My husband and I were together for 35 years. I am of the mind that after having the company and care of my husband Don for the 25 years of his Quadriplegia – I have been the luckiest person and so have our daughters been.

Of course I would have rather it never happened to him – but that it did we took the best from it.  After a period of settling which was scary for us both at times I learned so much from him. Despite his pain and restrictions, he had the most amazing outlook on life and rarely did a day pass than he surprised me with some thought or something wickedly funny. But I learned stuff. I learned compassion for his braveness. He wanted to live so badly and to see and do. In helping him here I as well learned to appreciate every moment and I lived in the present.

Helping to ease things for him was a privilege. Laughing with and about him and being in turn laughed about was wonderful. I was always surprised and often disappointed when people assumed they had the right to make assumptions on the quality of his life, of our life. I wouldn’t begin to judge the quality of anyone else’s life because you cannot know. But too often so called professionals did that and still do to the detriment of those they make judgements about.

How I felt about my life with Don was that I had come home – and sometimes in homes there are differences of opinion, sometimes words are spoken. Sometimes yes there are tears...but there was so much more to laugh about. Don was an amazing mimic, something I was reminded of yesterday by one of our girls. He loved to mimic those he didn’t think much about, the pompous, the ponderous and the pedantic... one time he was dragged over the coals by the so called “executive” of the Hospital Action Group of which he was Secretary because he claimed they were getting too friendly to Labor when we were meant to be a community group. Here they were all these ponces, Bob Carr acolytes giving him a good dressing down – very brave of them – but our old VW van nearly rocked itself all the way home that night by our combined laughter as he imitated them all so accurately – I had trouble seeing through the tears of laughter.

Don needn’t have been so special to be cared for and loved so much. Ordinary able bodied people are not expected to be special. In homes right across the world there are people in our situation or like. In the way that there is love and compassion between these people we can judge our level of civilisation.

To be able to help someone because it is the right thing to do and to fight so that they are never abused or put down as is becoming too popular with so called “modern” medicine is the gift. I feel gifted. I was looking at a photo of a young man with Cerebral Palsy and his brother was behind him helping him stand and enjoy time by the water – and thought what these two were experiencing – knowing the family and their wonderful attitude – you cannot put a value on this sort of thing. Their faces were wonderful to see and I felt humbled.

The depth of love we had just as life partners, husband and wife was and is very strong. We came to feel as one person in many ways – but some will understand this – there is a greater depth that comes from having the time we had together in this manner – it’s on another level and I don’t have the words to describe it. I will try. Mostly I felt that there was a light around our family. I didn’t see that light physically but it felt a small bit how I imagine Heaven might feel.

Of course there was so much pain for Don, and there was so much he couldn’t do, but I grew not to notice these things apart from the pain which he never complained about – I grew to see what he could do and that I could be there with and for him, not as a duty but as a blessing for me – has left me understanding more about what it really means to be human.

It’s not all about us and what we look like, what we can own and who we can impress. It’s not about losing part of your life as some assume – For me as I went to sleep beside him, sometimes not knowing if we would both be alive the next day, it was about the time we had together. I wish that every single person with illness or disability has someone beside them who just loves them – that’s all. I know we are a long way from this state of affairs – maybe in a parallel universe we have got it right but here on Earth we have a huge way to go. I would like to say I think attitudes are improving but I can’t say this from my observation.

Sadly in many modern hospitals the Eugenics movement is alive and well as patients whose doctors consider that certain patients are “not fit to live” of are for “Futile Care”, are encouraged by being given the worst case scenario about their condition, and are enticed into what is called in the US, “Comfort Care” which involves withdrawing the ventilator and feeding tubes etc. Given another point of view and some decent rehab and support, the outlook can be so much different. I was amazed at the lack of rehab for Spinal patients such as my husband in today’s hospitals. Physio and Rehab was a priority in the 1980s in Australia... not so these days when a new Quadriplegic is encouraged by his doctor to have the ventilator removed only months after his accident and is allowed to die. This “choosing” to die is treated like some romantic drama by most of the press. Most newly paralysed people suffer depression a few months after their accident, when reality sets in and for most this passes as it did with Don. For doctors to allow a depressed patient to make this decision in this state is criminal.

It’s a slippery slope backwards into barbarism when disability was seen as costly, shameful and somehow a failure. If more was put into after care things would be a lot different but these days the big money spinner is the almighty cure and people are revved up by this. Not much point at all unless there is decent care now.

Don and I talked about a lot if these and other issues. I urge people to look at “Not Dead Yet which is a national, grassroots disability rights group that opposes legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia as deadly forms of discrimination against old, ill and disabled people. Not Dead Yet helps organize and articulate opposition to these practices based on secular social justice arguments. Not Dead Yet demands the equal protection of the law for the targets of so called “mercy killing” whose lives are seen as worth-less.

As well Bad Cripple Cripple
Paralyzed since I was 18 years old, I have spent much of the last 30 years thinking about the reasons why the social life of crippled people is so different from those who ambulate on two feet. After reading about the so called Ashley treatment I decided it was time to write a book about my life as a crippled man. My book, Bad Cripple: a protest from an invisible man, will be published by counter punch. I hope my book will completed soon.”

It was after reading from these two places that I felt able to put into words what I had been thinking for some time now and I really appreciate this. I am grateful for the life our family had/ has together. I am blessed by the life I have had and as mentioned I feel privileged to have had the time I had being my husband’s wife. I would do it again infinitely and I know our girls feel likewise.

Therese Mackay

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Forced Adoption Day" Lets call it was it was - Child stealing day or Kidnapping babies day

They called today "Forced Adoption Day" Lets call it was it was - Child stealing day or Kidnapping babies day - What else can it be honestly called
Success Story: Man Finds Birth Mother Through Facebook Plea
Don and our babies 1977 - a complete family as was meant to be
Newcastle NSW Hospital was one of the worst - I had our eldest there in 1974 - towards the end of the kidnapping (not forced adoption - it was child stealing) We chose to be unmarried - you know rebelling against the universe and all that. I was put into an unmarried mother's ward and came close to having our beautiful baby taken - I had to go and find her in the hospital secreted in a whole other area - never any explanation - I saw a drugged up mum sign over her baby and cry for hours after - every day I thank the powers that be that I was suspicious of all their talk and excuses and went to find her - when I found her - the nurses there said they had no idea why she had been bought there as it was the humidicrib area - and her crib was the only one open and unattached to air etc she was full term and perfectly healthy and beautiful - she still is at 38 and we have had all those years to know and love her after finding her I sat there and fed her - and they left me alone after that...It breaks my heart to imagine what could have been and to know that for too many it was. I personally believe that all those complicit in stealing those children should have to face kidnapping charges - no matter who they are. Just because they thought it was right doesn't mean it was. The mum and dad are the only ones to have that right. I can not imagine our little family without Melissa - and not to have known and loved her brings tears to even think about. But so must those who had their children stolen illegally and many of those who did that are probably not much older than I am today... I can't tell you how angry their crimes against the family make me.

Have 5 spare bottles of Guinness -

My daughter Melissa recommended I buy some Guinness for this St Pat's Day - Neither of us like beer and so when I went to my local to buy some the bloke said "Do you like beer?" I said "No can't stand the smell" I told him my daughter said it wasn't like beer at all - and he started to laugh - told me she was having a lend of me - I opened it and one mouthful...gaaarrrgh! he was right ...she told me a story about dead rats in the Guinness giving it the special taste - and found out just then before reading yours that that as well wasn't true - but this is the myth, "Some interesting myths about Guinness that need to be dispelled. "Some time ago, at the main Guinness brewing plant in Ireland, the vats were opened and drained to clean them out. Once empty, the bottom of the vats were found to be full of dead rats. Of course, as soon as this was discovered the vats were cleaned and sterilised. However people started complaining that the Guinness didn't taste right, and so now Guinness is filtered through lamb's blood, which goes some way to explaining the unique taste. (I was told this, and it may not be true." - This is not a true story. Guinness is most certainly not filtered through lamb's blood, neither were dead rats ever found at the bottom of vats as St. James' Gate. ""Dublin makes five or six principal versions of Guinness, in a total of 19 variations, and exports around 40 percent of its output." - Dublin makes two versions of it's "Guinness" product, in a total of about three variations, packaged and distributed in a variety of different forms. The Guinness brewery itself brews many other products that aren't Guinness. "The Guinness you buy in bottles is different to the Guinness in cans and on tap. The Guinness in the bottle has live yeast in it, and in America is called 'Guinness Extra Stout'. The cans and draught are simply 'Guinness'." - Guinness is available in bottles in both forms: Draught Guinness in a bottle and Guinness Extra stout. They are two different products. Both products are available in cans and bottles. Guinness Extra stout is not available on draught. That takes care of the blatant untruths." .

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Letter to the health Minister

Letter sent to Health Minister Skinner, NSW Parliamentarians and Media for your information. My aim is to make the Coalition honour their support whilst in Opposition. If they have to be shamed into it then so be it. Some people have suggested giving up the fight and getting on with life – I have moved on with life but as the relative of someone killed inside a Government system which then covered up that killing disgracefully, I have a last duty to do my best to ensure justice is done. This is what for me it means to live in a civilised society. I live better and happier doing this than pretending and letting it go - Therese

16th March 2013

Ms Jillian Skinner, NSW Health Minister
Parliament House
Macquarie St

Dear Ms Jillian Skinner,
Before the Coalition came to power I had been supported by Nationals Andrew Stoner and the National candidate for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams. Both of them became actively involved and spoke at my book launches in 2010. That support petered out after the Election. You, Jillian Skinner when in Opposition bought a copy of my book from me when I was selling it in our local shopping centre and you were was visiting Port Macquarie. You were very polite and supportive, that time.

Now all three of you are in Government. I am in receipt of letters from you and Leslie Williams. You wrote “I believe there is nothing to be gained by opening this case for further investigation and consider the matter now closed.”  Leslie Williams replied in almost the same words. Considering Ms Williams passionate speech at my book launch I am wondering what could have changed as she is now in a position to do something about it. If feels like hypocrisy to me.
We have a Health Minister and MP for Port Macquarie who find it acceptable and not worthy of justice that a frail disabled man was brutalised and killed in the shocking way my husband was and you consider “there is nothing to be gained” by investigation.
What about Justice, something I believed we had a right to expect in Australia? Justice for my husband who suffered horribly for five weeks after the cardiothoracic surgeon sent him out of theatre with his Pleural Lining being suctioned at ten times the safe amount (31kpa instead of 3kpa) and left it like this for 22 hours till a nurse discovered this. Then compounded their negligence by not telling us what had happened till I found out 7 months later. What about justice for those of us who love him and who will never heal from what we saw being done to him, no more than any relatives of people killed by crime or accident? For my husband to have Justice then the Specialists involved would have to be questioned and inconvenienced. Nothing much would happen to them as it is rare for any doctor in Australia to be made accountable. You see Ms Skinner, I believe that in a civilised country the worth of the vulnerable, such as my husband Don is more than that of the rest of us. And it is because he was so vulnerable he should have been treated carefully and with dignity by the Specialists involved – not the opposite. If this sort of behaviour is condoned by not investigating we are on a slippery slope backwards.

By your statement, that “there is nothing to be gained” it appears to me that a value judgement has been made. That judgement that the doctors involved have more worth and rights than my husband. That my husband’s quality of life was not considered high enough to be worthy of any real investigation apart from that of the HCCC which is a joke. Their medical person was such a fool he/she declared my husband would not have felt any pain because he was a Quadriplegic – when in normal life his pain levels were so dreadful and intense he was on Opiates just to enable him to sit up in the wheelchair.

I have proven on many issues what was done to Don. There is no doubt as it is in their notes what a disaster their “care” of him was.

Surgeon Dr Rodney Woods in the Jayant Patel case in Brisbane states in regard to Patel’s patient Mervyn Morris, “If he hadn’t had the surgery then I don’t believe he would have developed the various complications and the subsequent death.” Patel spent time in goal.

Please help me to understand the difference in what Professor DuFlou wrote in his report to the NSW Coroner in regard to the death of Don Mackay, it is most unlikely that the deceased’s rapid, but lengthy, deterioration would have commenced when it did but for the patient undergoing the various transfers and treatment.

Or of what Dr Phillip Hoyle Director of Clinical Governance RNSH wrote in his letter 2/1/08
“The very rapid progression from admission to operation meant that there was no assessment by the Spinal Unit or with the respiratory Unit preoperatively. I recognise that given the complexity of Mr Mackay’s condition, a more comprehensive assessment, with input from the spinal and respiratory teams prior to surgery, would have been wise.”

I challenge you Health Minister Jillian Skinner and Ms Leslie Williams to justify your weak stand. Justice should be for everyone, the same – not a convenience to be dispensed with because they consider there is nothing to be gained.

Lorraine Long from the Medical Error Action Group states that in Australia one Jumbo Jet full of people are killed weekly by medically caused deaths. God only knows how many are permanently injured. You would think a Health Minister would want to help find out why – one has to ask why you do not.

Please find attachment below with a brief outline of what was done to Don Mackay. This attachment was the flyer I produced to support the Petition which Mr Andrew Stoner delivered to NSW Parliament. On any one of those few points there is a case to answer – all together it is clear that the doctors involved acted negligently and as mentioned worse than that they covered it up.

After reading this Ms Skinner, please explain to me why you wrote to me, “I believe there is nothing to be gained by opening this case for further investigation and consider the matter now closed.” Please explain to me why any one of those points is deemed acceptable and not worthy of investigation in Court.

You have a duty to us the Taxpayers who pay for the whole system of government, before the doctors involved, before the Health department and before your own party. Either Don’s treatment was excellent or it was not. If it was not excellent and if it led directly to his suffering and death then whether or not you think anything is to be gained does not matter. My husband and us his family have a right to justice and you the Health Minister have a duty to bring this about.

Just as you have this duty, so I have one last honourable duty to my husband and our daughters, that of obtaining justice as he deserves.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Therese Mackay

cc Mr Andrew Stoner, Ms Leslie Williams, Mr Barry O’Farrell, Parliamentarians and Media

Royal North Shore Hospital Shame.
Donald William Mackay’s cruel death cries out for justice.

On behalf of Don my husband of thirty-five years, our daughters, and myself, I request authorities begin an independent, open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay. His death was a direct result of five weeks he spent in RNSH between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died).  I request that the Cardiothoracic surgeon and team, the Spinal Ward doctors and nurses who ignored my husband’s worsening condition receive disciplinary action because of their  negligence, which led to Don’s first Respiratory Arrest and inability to come off ventilation. ICU and Cardio Thoracic Specialists who withheld full disclosure of his condition from us should receive disciplinary action.  Their non-disclosure led to Don being subjected to unnecessary torture, which lasted five long weeks.  I request that the filthy practices and deplorable conditions he endured without choice in ICU be exposed. Legally, ethically, why and how are the medical practitioners protected from criminal charges?

This could happen to your loved one or yourself. I have no reason to think it has not since my husband’s criminal mistreatment inside RNSH.
1.     My husband, Don Mackay had been a Quadriplegic for 25 years. On 11/4/07, he arrived at RNSH at 10pm from Port Macquarie. It was not an emergency. A doctor whose English was limited signed him up for the surgery within the hour that night. He cannot recall what he told my husband about that surgery. Why?
2.     The next morning as I was driving from Port Macquarie, Don was being given dangerous and unnecessary surgery (Pleurodesis)
3.     How could RNSH’s Cardio Thoracic surgeon just “assume” Don had been examined, by a cardiothoracic specialist in Port Macquarie? This was unprofessional.
4.     There was no ECG prior to surgery although he had Pericardial Effusion. Why was that?
5.     He had neither blood tests nor any pathology. How can they justify this?
6.     The Admitting Cardio Thoracic Specialist who was also the surgeon saw no X-rays or Scans prior to surgery. (They were still in Port Macquarie Base Hospital.) What was going on?
7.     The review by the Anaesthetist is admitted by RNSH to be “limited”. He was not seen before theatre. Limited why? Don had complicated medical problems and required proper assessment.
8.     The Cardio Thoracic surgeon had not seen Don before Theatre and had not done a detailed examination.  The person who signed him up the night before was not part of the surgical team. No one knew anything about his multiple conditions before surgery. How irresponsible and dangerous was that?
9.     Ungraded Talc known to be connected to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (which Don developed) was used. Since his death, they no longer use this. They were aware it was linked to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Why was it used? Was it cheaper?
10.  My husband’s right lung was meant to be suctioned until all the fluid was removed at the gentle suction of 3KPA. RNSH admit that a transcription error caused his lung to be suctioned (vacuumed) at 10 times that value at 31KPA. This was left like that for almost 24 hours and was not spotted by Cardiothoracic Doctors, and the Spinal Unit’s nurses till 8am the next day. All RNSH staff involved are culpable.
11. Cardiothoracic were ignorant of “Quadriplegic breathing” which makes it harder to breathe while sitting up when there are problems. They ordered him sat up in his wheelchair. He rapidly deteriorated. I begged the Spinal Nurse to return him to bed she refused. He suffered three hours of extreme torture trying to breathe against gravity. He had a Respiratory arrest that night. Why were they all so ignorant of his condition?              
12. Cardiothoracic should have known not to sit up someone with suctioning of the lungs in progress as this can cause the Pleurodesis surgery to fail and can lead to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This happened. Why did they allow this?
13. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to see that all procedures pre and post surgery are followed. Almost none of the regular procedures were followed. There is no excuse for this?
14. Spinal nurses, Doctors, and Cardiothoracic were grossly negligent over the next days. He was treated badly as his condition became dangerous. He began to hallucinate and gasp for breath. This was extreme cruelty and shocking for him to experience.
15. On the night of the first of his respiratory arrests, he called my name for three hours according to his roommate and THEY DID NOTHING. I was five minutes away and had given them instructions to call me at any time if he needed me or things got worse.
The next five weeks in RNSH’s Intensive Care Unit were horror-filled. I cannot these get these dreadful images out of my head. I try to see him as he was before their negligence allowed him to be filled with infection, sepsis, fluid and God knows what. I cannot. I see my beloved husband tied and gagged by tubes. Both lungs drowning and full of fluid. MRSA and Klebsiellia Pneumoniae filled them with bloody mucus. I still see him with his tongue being forced painfully in and out, as he reached yet another respiratory arrest. One time he was breathing 50 breaths per minute. He was so frightened and I could not help him. An ICU nurse stood and did nothing. “I think he’s trying to talk”, she said blithely. AN ICU NURSE! It went on like this for five weeks. I feel like I have been in a war zone.
What I have relayed here is just the tip of the iceberg as to the dreadful suffering inflicted upon Don. Finally, he was allowed his wish, which was simply to get out of the filth and chaos, go home and die. Even then, after all they had done to him, it depended on conforming to their demand that the home respirator be taken away as soon as he got home. Apparently, there was not one other home respirator in RNSH or at Port Macquarie or anywhere else in the Northern Areas’ Health Service. Why was this?
It was a death caused by gross negligence, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, filth and cost cutting. I should not have to be chasing justice on behalf of my husband, daughters and myself. Those responsible should be prosecuted and or receiving disciplinary action for killing my husband Don Mackay and robbing our daughters of their wonderful Dad. Those most responsible should not be still practising inside Royal North Shore Hospital. It would be better for NSW residents if they were not in the health system at all.

More Port Fairy photos

More Port Fairy Folk Festival photos
My sister

Me of course and the wine has ice in it!!!

My daughter, son in law and I at Williamstown -
was just before festival

A line up of some amazing stars at Port Fairy - Arlo is on the far left

Hmmmm what can we say - I didn't imbibe after a certain time as
had to do the 50 min drive to Portland every night

Port Fairy folk Festival

My sister and I just before the festival started...we were in a nearby beer
garden listening to a duo call Tamarisq
After the Festival free entertainment at the Star of the West
Hotel listening to "Roadtripping"
My sister and I went to the Port Fairy Folk Festival  in early March. It was just wonderful. I had never been to anything like this before . Port Fairy is a small pretty town with an Irish flavour...names and such.  For the festival which lasts half Friday through to mid Monday the town swells from 2,500 to 40,000 plus. There was music for all ages...from Arlo Guthrie - who did a Woody Guthrie tribute with others - to younger bands such as the Popes who play sometimes along with the Dropkick Murphys. Eric Bogle was there and a list a mile long - we couldn't possible get to see them all.
Here is the link to this years one  and you can see all the stars there.
I found the German Kitchen - wow!

I found the German Kitchen - Wow. It was begun by friends of ours - Neil and Renate Thrift from Port Macquarie - they began it ages ago Renate is from Germany. You will see it at many big Festivals and it is very successful. Sadly our good friend Neil died soon after Don - the Kitchen had been sold a while before he died as he was very sick...was so pleased to see it and sent Renate a photo.

And a little night cap of Drambuie and ice - well deserved

My sister relaxing with her magazine
My sister took this  - can't recall who
And I found the best 2nd hand bookstore.

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