Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Its a Wedding!

I'll be away for a week, because our eldest daughter's wedding will be on Sunday. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that nothing absolutely nothing occurs in between now and then to cause her any more heartbreak. She and her sister have been such wonderful daughters and such tough little fighters since their Dad's death (they were before) that It makes me feel so pleased and proud to be their mum.

Melissa and Chris!

We found out yesterday after I acted upon information given to one of our daughters by her GP, that there should have been a Coronial Report done when Don died, because he died directly as a result of failed, unnecessary and dangerous surgery. That he died three hours after being sent home "to die" makes not one jot of difference, the GP who signed the death certificate should have organised this knowing the situation.
The more and more I find out about my husband's death the more is smacks of a lot of people trying to cover their backsides firstly in Royal north Shore hospital and with his local GP who seemed more an apologist for the hospital than Don's family GP.
So when I get back the Coroners Office is needing as much detail as I have. They were quite alarmed at what had been allowed to happen.
As Alison (youngest) said, "They sure picked the wrong family this time - how could they not know?" Don and I have been fighting for years for social justice in one form or another, and we "mastered some skills - some might call it skullduggery - And the irony of t all is that we fought for years to save port Macquarie Hospital from Privatisation in the 1990's - it was to be the first of many the Government said. They never did any more in NSW after the pain we in The Hospital Action Group caused them... it was privatised for a short time but now public again...the irony was that Do was to be killed directly as a result of his time in what was supposed to be one of the best public hospitals in Australia.

So a week of trying to just be normal like other people and enjoying family and friends...its an Australian/Scots/Greek wedding so should be interesting.
Ali is going to be Melissa's Chief bridesmaid... I did say it was to be an Aussie Greed Scots wedding...there are four bridesmaids!!! and grooms...Don and I had a backyard wedding with two little girls in attendance as our bridesmaids!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Extreme Ignorance - or Blatant Stupidity.
I'm on the "ask" here but by the end of this it'll be clear to see just how "computer savvy I am not" but still...
Some questions...have given up asking the blog people...

1. I have tried a few times to Post a photo in the profile and it doesn't work... (don't get excited till you see the photo!) simply anyone what do I do please?

2. How to upload Videos from You Tube? I press the bit where it says to send to your blog site and then name of mine comes up but after I click and it says its sent, it doesn't turn up...where has it gorn pullease?

3. How do you upload video from your own computer simply?

(see I even had stupid haircuts as a kid...while dizzy lizzy on the left got all the curls and plaits - no wonder my brain is fried..too much forehead in the Australian sun.... and see She seems to know stuff...and I am obviously having to ask her questions, like what is that man doing with that little black box thingie he is pointing at us? How dumb is that?)

4. When you are mentioning something another blogger has sent or recommended how do you just show their name underlined as a link. I end up copying the whole URL but the rest of you seem to just put the name and it is the URL...

That'll do for now...even if I get one answered I will be happy as...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jahteh at
asked what was the name of the movie
I disliked so much

...may lose mates but I couldn't stand this movie - the beginning was promising but then as an adult I lost interest in someone so hell bent on self destruction and self absorption - no matter her beginning.

Lots of people have bad beginnings but it doesn't excuse a life making others lives and her own miserable.

Don't care how well its made, I just had no fellow feeling for her past about 25. The whole theatre went "Ahhh!" at the end and I was left there sitting wondering "why?" It was all so bloody pretentious and empty as far as I was concerned... but then maybe I am just a peasant too.Each to his or her own"

Its called "La Vie en Rose" and this is the official site

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Camden Haven River at Laurieton NSW

Just trying out the new camera... these were taken at Laurieton (NSW Australia). I live about 30mins drive from this place and they have the most amazing old picture theatre...old style.

It was a favourite for Don, the kids and I, because it was wheelchair accessible but also because of the amazing decor in the main older theatre.
So when Carmel (a very good friend for 30 years, who has been a real llifesaver) suggested we go to the pictures on Sunday at Laurieton, I tossed back and forth in my head... would I go or not. Wanting to go but knowing what great times we had there it was a bit of a decision.

So I went, I got there 30mins too early because I was pretty strung up, but when I went down to this little wharf it was so lovely and felt so right. We would often have lunch here like a picnic before going in to the theatre.

They would actually bring us in cups of coffee into the theatre after we all sat down...and its always cost about half of the others...

If ever you get the chance up this way this little theatre is a must and so is Laurieton and Kendall inland behind it.

I handled it all okay... the movie was so bad that sort of took my mind off it all... : )

Carmel came back to the house and like two old diddies we watched tele and drank Chardonnay... slept like babies. About once a week or fortnight Carmel leaves her husband to his own devices and comes out here...she likes the peace and being out of town but also I know she is doing it for me. It was initially a bit freaky suddenly being on my own out of town... when she came over there was a feeling of normalcy which I really needed...stopped me losing the plot more than once...

We met thirty years ago in the old Hastings Hospital Maternity ward...I was twenty three she was thirty five. She'd just had her baby and I was in Labour. I remember her Glen (6foot plus tall)climbing in the hospital windows one night plastered, drawing the curtains around her bed and trying to climb into bed with her...she kept saying that "Therese would hear" so unable to do whatever he imagined he may be able to do so soon after childbirth... honestly! he took a leap out the window using one arm on the frame and went down crash into the rose bushes outside... probably didn't feel nor remember a thing.

We have been friends ever since... Apart from my family I really only have this one good friend, but have acquaintances with others.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Woman's best friend!

There is something so very good about the large red Kelpie who lays on my feet early this morning, as we both look out into the yard. When there is piano music on the Stereo the dog becomes so still and sits unmoving as if at attention. And yet If I hop up all glad with excited voice let him know its time for a game he'd be there, tongue hanging out sideways and almost taking my feet down the stairs in kid eagerness for the game.
Poor old doggie - at the whim of my happiness or sadness. Keeping close when I am quiet and even closer when I am noisy - needing a tummy rub, a head pat and food please... and when the food is coming he unconsciously drools - all honesty and no false shyness... food makes him drool! Only shyness when he goes off all mysterious behind a shed or far off to do jobbies in private : ) He has such good manners.

This dog lays near me, on the floor at night and I have a little laugh sometimes because about 3am he begins smacking his mouth because its so dry... although there is water in the house he prefers to wait till I let him out in the morning and won't drink until then. That mouth must feel sooo bad.

There is something so very good about this old gentleman dog, who always goes out first at night if there is noise, even if I try to hold him back (can't be done)... not a thought for his own safety, just "protect the pack" because the pack is life and for the present I am the pack leader.

This doggie laid for weeks, months and more outside the bedroom door of our youngest daughter Alison when she was so very ill we were unsure of her future. With him near her she suffered the worst of her illness and I know he listened to her many tears and was no doubt her closest confidante in those days. Maybe his love helped in her slow improvement...I think it may have.
Then he would change in a second from the quiet gentle dog and would go berserk when our eldest Melissa came and played her own special high pitched game of "hide and find me" in the house - something I have tried to imitate...but he's not fooled.
There is so much good about this big old quiet dog who can sound like a Rottweiler when he barks - if needed.
And how did he know that when he took food from my husband Don's hands to be extra gentle, because Don had no feeling at all there, but with us he might accidentally nip fingers in eagerness unless you said "gentle". He was always so gentle with him. He would follow him about down the paths and hang about with him for ages like a "minder".
On the night Don was dying the dog became so very still for ages near my husband's bed we were unaware where he was till someone said "Thorn" and then he moved. he came over to the bed and our daughter made space for him to put his big head up onto the bed so he could see Don and Don him and he knew. Don smiled at him - a big smile and although Thorn always smiles, sometimes he seems to smile more. He was almost reverential, more so than some vacuous twits who were out in the other room chatting away about going shopping...much more so.
Poor bloody dog - all our comings and goings, joys and tragedies our changing moods and circumstances and our sheer bad tempers...
There have been other dogs - some poor silly flibbertigibbets who danced about all spring and speed and no direction, dodging traffic as if it was all in another dimension...till the dimensions collided.
Some just silly like some of us.
Or dogs which became aggressive, by nature or bad training or maybe brain damaged because they sucked too often on car exhaust pipes...perhaps.
So this morning early, very early... I raise my mug of tea to the wonderfully handsome, noble and gentle doggie Thorn.

Monday, October 15, 2007

"State Government to support hospital inquiry

by Nick Ralston
October 15, 2007 05:50pm
THE NSW Government says it will support a proposed inquiry into Sydney's embattled Royal North Shore Hospital.
Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile said he would move tomorrow for a joint select committee to investigate the quality of patient care at the hospital.
It will be introduced three weeks to the day since Sydney woman Jana Horska miscarried in the hospital's emergency department toilet after waiting two hours for help.
Ms Horksa's ordeal prompted a flood of criticisms about patient care and budgeting at the hospital.
Mr Nile said the committee would look at clinical management systems, clinical staffing and organisation structures as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation.
The committee will be made up of four government MPs, two opposition MPs and two crossbench MPs, including Mr Nile who will act as the independent chair.
It will consider any strategies or measures in place, or proposed, for improving care for patients across the NSW public hospital system.
It will report back by February 15 next year.
Premier Morris Iemma's office said the Government would support the inquiry.
"The Premier spoke to Mr Nile today and confirmed Labor would support the joint select committee inquiry," his office said."

February 15 is my birthday folks!!! Seems like a bit of synchronicty going on
The Best News!

Many clouds do have golden linings...if not silver...

They announced this evening that the NSW Government is now going to hold a full judicial Inquiry into practices at Royal north Shore Hospital (Sydney).

The Labour Gov has done a back flip...possibly linked with the fact that there is a federal Election just announced...i don't bloody well care who gets elected... they are all weak spineless shits who shine their trousers 9and skirts) at taxpayers expense...

I care about the fact that now my husband's treatment can be dealt with in a judicial setting which means names can be mentioned without fear of being sued etc...and I will be talking my head off.... you can bet on that.

Yesterday I went out the long driveway to close the gate for the night, and on my trip back I was so down because after all the work I put into the complaint about Don's torture in RNSHospital nothing was happening...
I was feeling a bit lost and very lonely and because I am out of town I just shouted at the top of mu lungs "Where on earth have you gone?" may sound crazy but still have trouble accepting reality...
then the sky strobed with sunlight across the clouds near the setting sun... it was so beautiful and put me firmly in my place...ain't nature grand?
By the time I took this it had settled down a lot...but still lovely...
Then today I got first a call from the Health Care Complaints Unit saying they were now investigating Don's treatment...and then a half hour later this announcement on the news...
I have already packaged up my information for the Inquiry and will Express post it AM tomorrow....
: )

This little Azure Kingfisher

(I think thats what he is...) sat in complete stillness for about an hour after his mate (In think it was a he because he was brighter) crashed into our bathroom window and was killed. I left him there and just kept checking. He was so still and didn't move at all, not even appearing to turn his head when he would have been able to see me.

Finally he flew away and I picked up his mate and buried her in the garden.

It was such a bright cool sunny morning.
Poor little buggers... its
Spring here
and they
either would have had a nest with eggs or babies or would have been close to it. I had not seen this type of Kingfisher out here before.

The photos are not so
clear ... I took them through the fly screen

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just learning some bits and pieces on the new camera.
A very warm doggie laying in the sun... It was pretty hot but then he's old so the heat probably fixes up a few things....

We have a spare paddock next door and the neighbours out their cattle in there sometimes... today they were not interested in eating that much, just resting in the shade of the paper bark trees near the dam.

No matter the things we have to go through, things outside our small sphere go on in their own way despite us - thankfully.

And then after all this lovely heat (not too hot - just balmy - ) the power went down. We have a big generator but I was a bit scared of using it...Don used to guide me through the steps so that the house had lights and for him in one room air conditioning...he would get sick without it... I had let the battery run down and so finally with the storms of summer coming up decided to recharge it the other a good girl scout I was prepared...and it went like a dream...

I am soooo chuffed with myself... but I learnt at the feet of the master I guess...

No more Mrs Nice Guy!
Yesterday was terrible, and felt so defeated and sad - but thanks to some of you who replied to my last post I was reminded to not expect others to do what they promise but to make sure I see it done - hence this morning I figured no pollie can be trusted to follow through - therefore I have no loyalty to them at all - my only loyalty is to my family and husband in this instance -
So I shot this off to the Sydney paper which covered our story;

You see here is his office criticising the other side (and rightly so) for being slack and they themselves didn't honour their commitment to me and "lost" the complaints in the office...

Nothing as satisfying as stirring the possum I always reckon - works a treat for what ails you.

"Daily Telegraph Health reporter,
My name is Therese Mackay. Thank you for covering the Royal North Shore hospital story so well. You covered the fact of my husband's death because of a dangerous and unnecessary operation he suffered there and subsequent treatment "torture" he endured for the following five weeks. He died as a direct result of that torture, and the cruelty he suffered still haunts us.

I have put together a 100 typewritten page complaint in to the Health Care Complaints Commission, The NSW Ombudsman, the NSW Medical Registrar Board as well as a copy to Mr Andrew Stoner and Ms Jillian Skinner.

I handed these five folders across to Andrew Stoner's office in Parliament House 24th September on the day I attended when Mr Stoner asked the following concerning my husband's treatment as well as others,
Mr ANDREW STONER: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. Given that the Minister assured Mark Dreyer yesterday that the terms of reference of the inquiry into Royal North Shore Hospital will be extended to include any matter he wishes investigated, will she now give the same assurance to Therese Mackay from Port Macquarie, who is in the gallery and whose husband died in May, so that she can get answers to the serious questions she has about his treatment at Royal North Shore Hospital?

Ms REBA MEAGHER: First, I extend my most sincere condolences to Mrs Mackay. I am sorry that we meet under these circumstances and not outside this Chamber. The inquiry's terms of reference relate to the service provided to women presenting at Royal North Shore Hospital threatening miscarriage. However, if Mrs Mackay has concerns about the standard of care that her husband received—"

I was disappointed when I finally rang the HCCU yesterday to find that Mr Stoner's office had not forwarded my folders to the appropriate people. I had thought that they were being investigated.
I then rang Mr Stoner's office at Parliament House and was told that they had been seen around there somewhere - possibly in an "Out" tray. I was told that the three folders staff had said they would pass on for me to the Health Care Complaints Unit; the Ombudsman and the NSW Medical Registrar would be located and that they would be forwarded and that I would be contacted when this happened, yesterday. "

Hoping for some response from this - sometimes embarassing them makes them move

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rainbow Lorikeets Galore.

...and just when I was feeling really blue... a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets the Clown birds.. swept into the yard and tackled the seed.. you can't see them and not smile.

Should have stayed in bed I think.

Some days are like this. The past few days I have had this awful feeling of it grief... whatever. Sometimes it just hits home so hard. I've been talking and looking at old albums and all of that - not in a maudlin way but with a plan to get the best photos onto disc and share with Melissa and Alison.

I am okay mostly but sometimes I look at the photos and just curl up howling with sadness. Don and I had been as well prepared that something might happen to him as any, but what still has me stinging with bite is the cruelty.

I can not deal with the cruelty he suffered. It had no purpose at all and was just evil and the rotten mongrel bastards who so blithely go through their disgusting little lives dispensing this sort of cruelty will go on and on injuring and killing others... because they can. Thats all. Because they can.

Today was especially hard. I had to go into our accountant's office and sign up all the papers which would enter Don's last tax return and liquidate our business...

When Don got a settlement from Worker's compensation from his accident in 1982 he wisely (there is the Scot) bought a commercial property which rented out units to small business. All through the years from 1985 till last year he managed this, doing leases, sorting out cleaning and maintenance, refurbishing etc etc...

That property meant we could pay for our own nurses. We were entitled to Community Nursing help but his attitude was always if he could pay his way...that would mean there was more help out there for those who couldn't like the aged or chronically ill.

That property paid for the raising of our two girls, their schooling, clothes our food, out rates house etc.

He was so clever at making sure the building remained fully tenanted by being generous and fair with rents and working in with tenants who were all long term.

He really got his teeth into running this thing properly so that when we finally sold it last February 2006, he was quite sad to sign the papers. But he was no longer well enough for the rough and tumble... so we had a little time of peace... and he made sure what he got when he sold the building went into Super - This guy left school at 15. He had only one year in high school because his parents moved about so much.

He was dangerous (and I loved this about him) without formal education - am pleased for him that he educated himself because it made him original. None ever knew what was coming up because Don did not recognise what it was he was not supposed to do... that was his charm and at times it was thrilling.

So today when I signed off on all of this - I tried so hard not to lose the plot but broke down and bawled my eyes out in the accountant's office. It was like each thing I do is another thing which is a sort of marker to reality. It is that reality I have trouble with. People die everyday, and most of us will endure this sort of awful grief at least once in our lives if we are lucky - more for most of us.

I then hid in a few dead end corridors trying to regain control...

had to get a taxi home because the van is in the workshop and could barely get the name of my address out to the driver who knows us - country towns are "great" when you want to be anonymous.

Just couldn't get control this afternoon especially when I got jack of waiting for the Health Care Complaints Unit (where I believed my complaint about Don's treatment was lodged some weeks back) and was told "sorry never heard of you".

Our MP's office had promised to forward on my complaint. It is in a large folder and consists of 100 typewritten pages - which I laid out in plastic envelopes so they couldn't say it was too hard to follow - I had been about to post them off to the three different offices when his sidekick promised to forward them from the Shadow Minister...Dubbo here - after all my experience with shit pollies believed him...

hence this email sent to him this evening

Dear Andrew,
As you may have been informed by your Sydney and Kempsey staff, I rang the Health Care Complaints Unit today and was informed that they had not received my complaint as of today 10/10/07. I then rang your office at Parliament House and was told that they had been seen around there somewhere - possibly in an "Out" tray. I was told that the three folders your office said they would pass on for me to the Health Care Complaints Unit; the Ombudsman and the NSW Medical Registrar.

I had bought the five folders (one for you and one for Ms Skinner plus the other three with me to Parliament House. My intention was to post them but your staff said that they would deliver them.

I phoned your Kempsey Office this afternoon and was told that they would contact Sydney and ensure that all folders were forwarded and that they would let me know when this was done.
The family is very disappointed that they were not delivered and had been apparently forgotten.

If I had not thought to contact the HCCU this afternoon to find out why I had not received and acknowledgement I would have remained unaware and the family's complaint about Don's treatment and his death would have not been dealt with, in a fair amount of time.

I appreciate your efforts and hope that you can ensure that the three folders are delivered soon and that I am advised when the three folders actually are sent?
Thank you,"

so am waiting. Bastards. If you want to make things happen there is only one person who can make this happen...yourself - I know this...just stupid this time.

tomorrow will be a better day

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fifty seven large photo albums
(300 photos ea... at least) .
Oooo ahhh!
I figured it was time to make the family albums easier to find by writing on the spines of them the date and numerical order of such albums...
opening the cupboard door very carefully, because they have a tendency to topple out... (now why would that be the case?) I was bemused that the latest count is now 57.
It made me think of those families who are unfortunate to have the house burn down and the mum is there in a chenille dressing gown clutching a photo album with the edges charred thanking God and all the saints because, "we lost everything, apart from our lives, the clothes we are standing in and this album".
HM... some years back we were threatened by fire and I put them all into the wheelbarrow, ready for the van... just in case. I had it all figured...first Don, then the cat ( on his lap!!!) then back for the albums (we had no doggie then)... now it would fill two large or maybe three wheelbarrows...
I have this image of me pushing the last wheelbarrow out into the road my hair smoking and saying... "I saved them...saved them all" cough cough.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Birds everywhere...
so... Guess who finally weakened and bought a digital camera?

The bird war over feed was well advanced and I kept running out of film...
had to scan in the photos...

"My food" squawks the Galah...
"Bugger off its ours" pipes the pigeons

(this with my old camera...

the rest with the newie...but still like the old one best.)

"Christ now the bloody magpies have arrived, we'll all starve" thinks one of the dozens of Galahs which have descended

It was the war of the birds outside my

window... after seed and fruit.... so funny to watch the
displays of power and the "tricks" they used to dislodge each other from the tray of sunflower seeds...

" Aaaah! All mine"

(I love the expression on the Galah's faces.... sometimes they get this really stupid look but it has a real edge of naughtiness in it. in Australia if someone calls you a Galah or more often a stupid Galah, it can be closely identified with Ratbag...which to me has a more urban feeling...Galah means to me someone who really is a bit of a bushie and a ratbag to boot. These birds always make me smile.)

"The winner!"

Another favourite of mine are Magpies. They are so bright and friendly once they get used of you. There is nothing nicer than to see a family of Maggies on the ground amongst the trees talking back and forth...using such a range of different words... and the carolling songs they sing are sometimes for us...because they will sit right near you, look straight at you and sing for ages...

Flannel Flower
(click on the picture to see how lovely this flower really is)

Don's favourite flower and plant has always been the Australian Native Flannel Flower.

Every so often over the years we would have a hunt about to see if any nursery about had these little plants. They are supposed to be hard to grow and only live a few years...but throw off many worth it if you can get them to seed.

We never came across them and than as time passed we sort of forgot... but the flower was always Don's favourite and i know he would have come across it many times as a kid riding his horse around the back of Catherine Hill Bay and in to the bush behind.

So here is the Flannel Flower which I found whilst over at Wauchope. I had gone to the nursery there hoping to find some flowery plant which I could leave at the cemetery so there were flowers there while I was away... (the pot was still there when I got back!)...after buying the pot I looked about some more and here it was The Flannel Flower. Its planted now and thriving...looks like a type of daisy at first but the leaves have a jewelled appearance...

It reminded me for some reason of a poem that all Australian kids of a certain vintage were taught verbatim (long forgotten most of the verses)... a lot of Australian native flowers regenerate quickly after really savage bushfires have swept through...

first a little shoot of green out of the ashes and then in a few weeks apart from blackened trees its green again...especially after rain.

My Country
By Dorothea Mackellar

The love of field and coppice,
Of green and shaded lanes,
Of ordered woods and gardens
Is running in your veins;
Strong love of grey-blue distance,
Brown streams and soft, dim skies—
I know but cannot share it,
My love is otherwise.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror—
The wide brown land for me!

The stark white ring-barked forests,
All tragic to the moon,
The sapphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold hush of noon.
Green tangle of the brushes,
Where lithe lianas coil,
And orchids deck the tree-tops
And ferns the warm dark soil.

Core of my heart, my country!
Her pitiless blue sky,
When sick at heart, around us,
We see the cattle die—
But then the grey clouds gather,
And we can bless again
The drumming of an army,
The steady, soaking rain.

Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold,
For flood and fire and famine,
She pays us back threefold;
Over the thirsty paddocks,
Watch, after many days,
The filmy veil of greenness

That thickens as we gaze.
An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land—
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand—
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My homing thoughts will fly."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I have just decided

...and my apologies to those I passed on "tags" to... no more tags.

Tags seem land feel like too a intrusive thing to pass on...but when offered to pass on from feels one has to...

a bit like chain mail... so in future apologies and no more tags accepted or passed on

Monday, October 01, 2007

I've Been Tagged!
OK, here are the rules: Once tagged, link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list. List 8 random things about yourself. At the end of your post, tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged!

1. I stole money from the Poor box at Church age 11
2. I was charged with locking our bastard MP into her office the day she and her Gov privatised our hospital - but she wasn't even inside... THE LITTLE COWARDY CUSTARD
3. I convinced my mum I was dying of some rare disease...and ended up having my tonsils out for nothing!!! - age 9
4. I gave my mum a cat for mothers day so dad would have to let us keep it...age 9
5. I got pregnant with our first child because we wanted to See what a mixture of US would look like...age 19...she looked better than both of us..see.
6. I taught myself how to drive when the kids were little by taking of the 'L ' plates and just driving about till I got the hang of it..with the kids in the back and before seat belts were in cars... age 23
7. I moved in with my lovely Don only 3 weeks after after picking him up in a Gay bar (?) spending the weekend with him and we lasted 35 years.

8. Even with all that has happened to me and bout me in this life...stupidly I still feel blessed. If a tad like a Westie...or White Trailer Trash to the Yanks...a Nedette to the Scots
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