Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the cake

Happy birthday cake for my big sister... (ahem)
I haven't posted here for a while...I had my eldest sister staying with me for about 2 weeks and we just enjoyed each other's company...both exhausted...a little too many Drambuies in the evenings...
The Cake had to be gluten free for my daughter and her husband...
so just made the one layer as thats all the cake I had

Looking pretty good right far
I can cook up a big storm re vegies etc but cakes are not my forte -
its basic but "there
Till as I watched the happy birthday writing and other decos started sliding
 towards the edges of the cake... see how sad I look.
But a little pink bubbly applied by our youngest
and soon the cake ceased to matter that much
it gor even worse when the candles were lit...some of the flower decos slid right off the cake...
I had to keep putting them back on
Its a wild bit of gear here...
Foxy moron I am sure your family wouldn't even feed this to the dogs
My sister was amazed at my artistry
and once the smoke cleared,
 the cake was cut and it tasted beautiful and thats the main thing!

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fathers Day!
All the fathers I could find photos of ...all of these bar one are the direct ancestors of Melissa and or two were a bit racy but in the whole were decent and luckily for us all kind people...Luckily I have been told the stories of all of these people and one day will get it all down...but am off to the airport to pick up my sister who is flying down from Brisbane as I type this.
A happy Fathers Day to all the fathers past present and future.
Thomas Spencer 1816-1888 born Avoca Wicklow Ireland emigrated on the "China" 1841. my  grt grt grandfather (paternal)

Edward Spencer 1885-1939 my paternal grandfather

My dad not too long before he was married to mum 1919-1969

Great Grandfather Matthew 1843-1910and Emma Spencer (Walker)

Thomas McGoldrick Mum's father 1886-1963
My lovely Don 1950-2007
Dad died 1949

Donald Mackay Don's grandfather no details
Rod Mackay Don's dad 1921- 1967

Jack Holmes Don's sister Jeanette's husband  1942-1969 he, Jeanette baby Phillip and unborn baby all killed by a drunk driver

Don's maternal grandfather William Gregg no details

Thomas mum's father

Timothy Flanagan 1861-1940 Mum's maternal grandfather

Thomas McGoldrick snr 1850-1913