Saturday, October 30, 2010

This was on Sydney's Channel Nine News last night -
its only short but all this helps get the word out there

Friday, October 29, 2010

This was from the Port Macquarie Launch which went really well. The Sydney Launch was just as good but no media reported even though they turned up. Channel ten filmed the whole launch and then spoke to us for some time outside and told the publicity person that they were "committed". Seems a Media statement from the Health department was sent out - not to worry.

Tomorrow I will be on a stall in the main shopping centre which should be teeming with people from everywhere as he big tri athelon is on here the next day.

I will get back here with some photos taken of the Launch and catch up once things settle down - more important I sell some books to get the word out. My offer for any of you is a freebie if you like. Just send to
click on it to make it legible - its a wierd photo of us...maybe the rest were worse
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Its four in the morning and one more till dawning"...can't sleep again - I tried reading...tried commercial radio tried even the ABC radio - some weird stuff on there in the wee small hours... tried counting sheep but they started looking a bit scary after a while!!!I might just have to admit to anxiety over whats coming up - usually don't get up till about 6 and I have totally thrown the two cats I have out of their orbit by coming out early - its like "what's happenin'?where's the food? Little do they know they are having a trip to the cattery for a few days - One cat, the good one, sits on the printer to get away from the bad cat and the bad one tries to kill me by winding around my feet when I walk - I had to hire a car for the trip to Sydney because the VW has been a bit sick so I have a bright red brand new Holden station wagon out the front - with more gadgets than you can shake a stick at - none of which work without power - give me windows I can wind down - and a radio it doesn't take me a week to figure out...a couple even said when I parked "Wow Nice car!" haven't heard that for a while...might go back to bed now - I think I have put myself to sleep in here....

Friday, October 15, 2010

My book gets launched at NSW Parliament House this Wednesday coming - I'll be away most of next week so will catch up when I get back.

Wish me luck...I will need it. For Aussies - there should be an article in this Sunday telegraph as they interviewed me earlier this week. It was really harrowing but still it will help get the book known.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The book has arrived!!!
Well the first 22 copies for media and such...They will all be printed by the end of the week.

My hands were actually shaking and my heart was thumping = I had no idea how emotional I would become - the printers have done an excellent job.

If you would like to pre order a copy please email me at and send me your name and address and as offered previously I am happy to give a free copy - especially if you would ask your local library would they get it in.

A couple of you offered to pay for it and I appreciate that - for details just email me and I will let you know.

But I am very happy to give all my blog mates a copy because of the support I have had from you for so long some of you way back before Don died in 2007 and because it is more important to me to get it out there than to have it sit in my house.
I will not be able to mail till the 15th of October so as to not preempt the launch on the 20th.

As mentioned it is already up on the web at

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Some more wedding photos taken at The Gables East (?) Malvern (Melbourne)

The first one was taken in the garden at about 4.30 on a freezing Melbourne day- just married.
In the background there is a bagpiper and just that music alone stirred the cockles of my old Celtic heart. The Highland Cathedral my favourite - and Marie's wedding was another old family favourite - she even had the bagpiper play Elvis "Love me tender" my mother's favourite and played at Mum's funeral in 1993 when Ali was only 16 - and she remembered! The Celebrant was an ex Melbourne Policeman and he was dignified but also very funny - none of the airy fairy stuff some of the celebrants do - she actually really wanted a priest to do it but because it wasn't in a church she found the next best thing...actually I don't think anyone could have done it as well as this man.

Alison and her Andrew

We made it till the end of the evening - a lot of dancing - the kids like the same music we did - so there was a lot of old rock and some of us were really sore the next day - not Melissa and Alison - just those over a certain vintage!