Friday, January 06, 2006

Many thanks

Many thanks to Charlie. Since beginning my blog, like many I guess I have explored others' with some similiar interests, but also followed up the links of those whose Blogs I enjoyed, starting with Charlie and CS... I had attempted to put some of those links on my blog but finally admitted late last evening to yes...being a technomoron or whatever it is called these days. Charlie took the time to install his links on mine after offering, which I appreciated and I think he needs a public thanking... but only if I promised not to draw him... Thats up to Nicki...but she'd have to let me know some of his peculiariries and provide a good likeness...! If she'd like me to have a go... I could be easily persuaded to break my flimsy promise... need new material and someone who won't sue me.


Amy said...

Ah, that’s the thing, isn’t it – pesky HTML bloggish code can be a little tricky-go-lucky sometimes, can’t it? I sometimes think of spicing up my blog but then I have visions of botching the whole thing and not being able to get it back… not sure that would be a terrible loss, particularly seeing as how I go in and delete everything on a whim… but eh, alas alack. Nice to see the links.

Anonymous said...

I see you've already drawn me, below!

Nickipicki said...

Describe some of Charlie's peculiarities.... Hmm, where do I begin?