Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have to thank Diane S. for explaining to me what they call the sort of house my greatgrandparents on Mum's mother's side built. As I mentioned to Diane, my mother as a child loved this old house. It began as a slab hut with a hard pressed dirt floor. The gained boards on the floor and rooms were built all over the place with no halls to connect them. Mum who's own mother died when she was 4 said this was the most interesting house as the rooms were all ove the place and the house just grew whenever a new room was needed. Unfortunately tho whole magic place was submerged under Glenbawn dam in 1949 so only exists in my memory now and those of my sisters who bother to have a look at the stories written about it. These amazing people are Margaret Butler and Timothy Flanagan (grt grand parents)

Diane explained that in Texas they call this sort of a house a "Good Year" House; meaning that if it was a good year they would add another room. Its a lovely term to use. Posted by Picasa

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BwcaBrownie said...

wonderful photo and it must be Sunday or a wedding as they don't have their work clothes on. I love old photos.