Thursday, January 26, 2006


Australian of the Year has just been announced and for once they got it right. The lady is a Nurse...Toni Hoffman...who risked everything to expose a Dr Patel (? Spelling) who was actually killing people in Bundaburg Hospital (Queensland). The Labour Gov in Queensland and their so called Queensland Health Department ignored his crimes and this lone woman went beyond all of them and exposed the killings and injuries perpetrated and condoned by the system.

Finally an Australian of the Year to be proud of and to humbly thank. A very brave lady with no nursing career left. The moment she opened her mouth that was shot.


Anonymous said...

The world would be a poorer place, MC, without brave people liken Toni Hoffman. It's a pity they are usually surrounded by spineless bastards

BwcaBrownie said...

Her story was very upsetting - that her observations were demeaned by those she reported them to. The relatives of the patients he murdered, must want to get at the admin who rebuked her.
It's great (AotY)when it goes to the right sort of person.