Saturday, May 29, 2010

This does it for me...Joe Cocker and Leon Rusell ah such memories

Its getting to be like this but its not olde age...theres just too bloody much to remember these days and too many gadgets to remember to use as well

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mark Fiore's cartoons -
this one is Police State Pete - worth a look

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What can I say? This says it all!
double click to go to You Tube with it as all the screen seems not to be on my page...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High Tea!!

Just back from Newcastle...A friend invited me to go down for a gathering at a place called Fenwood house for "High Tea" tee hee. Her husband quipped as we left the house "Now don't get too high on that tea will you.." Droll I know...we stayed overnight at a couple's place we know...and it was so lovely to be in their home because its clear how much love there is in their home -

So here are the piccies of the place where we had the High tea.

And here we wasn't all cakes and cream but lots of little savoury thingies and you couldn't hear yourself think which is what happens when a lot of women get together. the little cupcakes were the final serve...

and no we didn't get high at all...a bit sick and needing some antacids - I have to admit that a class of cold Chardonnay would have gone down well but alas none to be seen any where.

I enjoyed myself but wish I could be with people and not become exhausted...I was absolutely whacked when we got home form the two days...its been like this for a while. I have become so used to being mainly on my own that even with people I really love...I need time out pretty quickly.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A celebratory drink was had last night!!!
and none the worse for the wear.

This photo needed here.
(Don and I 2004 at a local winery)
On Monday it will be three full years since the day we bought Don home from hospital, the day he died. Since then I have worked on exposing the horrific things that were done to him inside the hospital, negligence which led to his five weeks of desperate suffering and then death. Part of this was to write a manuscript and meticulously record as much as I could find out and witnessed that caused him to go through so much unnecessary pain... it was wrung out of me. Many tears.
Yesterday I had a phone call from a longtime friend who had handed my manuscript to a printing/publishing company. Up until now after approaching 28 publishers and others who just print the book anyone who was interested was not prepared to take the chance because it was critical of the medical staff involved.
The people she took my manuscript to are interested and would like to see it published before the elections later this year. They said it was powerful.
I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders as I was almost at the end of what i could do to have it published.
Over the past three years I have given the medical people involved and the bureaucrats every opportunity to do the right thing and acknowledge what they did and what they covered up. Now I want to expose them. Not one more person should be put through what don was and what our family has had to deal with then and now and no doubt for many years to come.
Instead of my seeing Don's face as it was in the hospital, as I went to sleep last night, the face I had behind my eyes in the darkness had the biggest grin...and the timing is just incredible.
Also on Monday I sign a form with the lawyers to have the issue taken to the Supreme Court in the hope of having a Writ ordered to force a full Inquest into Don's death. Again... Monday 17th Don's anniversary...I had been waiting for a while to get this paperwork and it arrived on Friday - but the signing will be on Monday...
So I celebrated last night with three boiled eggs and toast ( a bit lax in the cooking dept at times these days) and three good (Big)sized glasses of my favourite De Bertolli's Cardonaay (from the cask)...and could hardly concentrate on anything else at all...slept like a baby and woke up still smiling...No doubt I was not alone in my celebrations as the girls were so happy for me, and have the same need to have people know what happened as it is not something you can tell people in a few words. I think it will help them as much as it will help me, and I know Don would want us to do this because he was always a crusader for the rights of others himself.
And I took time to toast the Angels and Don because I definitely have had help... part of this poem says it all as far as I am concerned


Human Frailty

By William Cowper (1859)

But oars alone can ne'er prevail
To reach the distant coast;
The breath of Heaven must swell the sail,
Or all the toil is lost."

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Friday, May 14, 2010

This new song of George Sich always makes me cry

- reminds me of mum and dad - dad was killed when we were kids and when mum died in her mid 60's I had a dream one night that she was dancing in a green dress which just spun round her...they met at a bush dance in 1946 and did not grow old together but I have bo doubt that they are now together...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

and 22 years later still good
Some Ted Mulray hits from the 70's...Australiana -

how sweet the memories - sadly Ted died in about 2001/2002 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2001...some good memories there for such as me

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Spot the spelling error

- and note the government establishment it comes from - says a lot about the state of our education system in Australia - the sign had then been there for a while...

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Outside my front door about 8 this morning

...the dew was just hanging in individual droplets from everything - spiderwebs, fence posts, and the leaves of the rosebushes - it was just something wonderful to see

click on the photos to see better

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