Monday, January 02, 2006

The Last one I promise! One of my younger sisters trying to drum up the energy to feed the masses, whilst at the same time to get rid of the headache that is drumming away no doubt inside her head...and to think we were born on the same day...Yeass I had to share my birthday cake even tho' we were'nt twins... Queensland kids are always hungry it seems. Our teetotaller Mum would turn over in her grave to see the depths of degradation her daughters have descended to. Begorrah! Posted by Picasa

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Unknown said...

You 2 born on the same, ain't that somethin'! My word MC, another one who looks ready to stomach and head ache looking at her the poor dear. And the heat on top of everything makes me go into a hotflash! Ughhh...what would the nuns think?!