Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This picture was taken of my parents on their honeymoon exactly 20 years before the one posted previously ...what can't be seen in this one is that on Mum's left is an aunt of hers... one I rather liked but am left wondering what she was doing with them on the honeymoon. Perhaps she lived in the area...I hope so, because I think that this was the first and last holiday they had without a tribe of us kids in tow. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

And so, this was the beginning of the end of a carefree existence eh!!! ;o)

Middle Child said...

Ha ha ha... they were old enough...both older than I was when I decided to procreate... He was 30 she 22. They had 20 really good years filled with family gatherings, kiddies who loved them and were unsophisticated. Dad mad the best birthday cakes on the planet covered with Smarties and chocolate whirls... he whictels so sweetly often and she sang often.

I think that theor tragedy was that they loved too much, too deeply so that when he was killed she was so lost... too lost.