Thursday, February 16, 2006

I was flicking through old family photos and came accross this favuorite , taken of Melissa and Alison about 5 years back.

It was just so beautiful and such a beautiful day when it was taken I just felt like posting it because it goves me such a nice feeling. Melissa (the blonde who is not a blonde one) is about 5'9" and Alison is about 5'1" but have noticed thant in many photos they lean in toeah other so they look about the same size.

I just hope life is kind to them. Posted by Picasa


R.H. said...

So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Alsion looks like you, Melissa looks like Don, yes?

Middle Child said...

Sometimes they look like Don sometimes like me, but sometimes its like an echo of others from before as it is with families. Sometimes the little devils get on the phone and I can't tell which one it is and they muck with my head a bit...till I hear them laugh then its easy.

Than Alison looks so much like one of Don's sisters its freaky, but also like my Grandmother...

same in most families