Thursday, February 02, 2006

A curiosity. My nephew is over in Japan visiting his girlfriend and her parents. He sent us this picture of their toilet... It is plugged in to electricity which should make us all very nervous. But he said you have to wear these "special" shoes while you sit there...maybe they have rubber soles. Its PINK - obvious and has a warmed bit of carpetty stuf on the seat for cold botties. (Thats a worry as far as I am concerned...give me cold and CLEAN any day)
The fixture behind the toilet is actually a small tap and sink for hand washing but the piece de resistience is the amazing hand controls beside the toilet. One sends a squirt of water to wash your bottom and the other jets of warm air to dry the same. I do not know what all the others are for, but wonder what happens if you have too much Sake and have to kneel before this throne to vomit... not that thats ever happened to moi... what could happen if you accidentally pressed the squirt button... a good mouth rinse if you were lucky. What about all those other buttons... but what worries me and it worries me and it worries me is that innocuous little electric cord leading to the 240watt powerpoint...
Don't tell me that there are no more kamikazes any more. Posted by Picasa

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