Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An "interesting" morning. Don was up for about 2hrs for the first time in a month, so that was good in its self. Knowing he only had that time he tried to be Mr Busy Mackay and suss out all the areas in the yard I may have forgotten about. The first thing he noticed was the two tomato plants I'd forgotten to tie up... I can grow anything...just shove it in the ground and most survive but Don has too much of the Scot in him for that...its got to be done properly... as if our plants were delicate little things that haven't survved for millenia without our coddling..

So down there in the mud my back turned to him...dilligently tying up the tomato plants "Make sure you tie the string around the stake three times so they don't slip down...then tie the plant to the stake..." .."Of course, that was what I was going to do". Then Silence...

I turned around and there he was with his eyes rolled almost completely iout of sight... and him close to unconsciousness...Super Low BP..his can get so low ordinarily that the machine won't pick it up... but I seem to know what to do...maybe its easier than tying up tomato plants. I got him back (tilt the chair back and feet up... we women are sure multi taskers when needed... I could have still tfinished off the tomato plants with my other hand but just couldn't quite reach.

This happened over and over till at last he gave in and realised he'd have to just tilt the chair back (it does that electronically) and stay there.

It was lovely to see him laying back out in the fresh air even if he was asleep...and watching a big old rain cloud come closer and closer. In younger days I might have been tempted to wait till the first sprinkles woke him up, but just did not have the heart for it today. Also it might ruin the control box and its a hard push without power.

Tomorrow maybe 3hrs and a few more "outside" jobs noticed By Mr Gardner.

He's sleeping the sleep of the justifiable exhausted right now, and we are pretty happy little vegemites that he is beginning the return to uprightsyness...

Me, well I have a pile of accounts and a bloody BAS (GST) statement to get in today which won't happen...and I will be finishing off those tomato plants with the other hand Of course.

They are huge plants almost the full length of the tomato stake and you know they got that way with not one ounce of attention... I wonder what will happen now they are being "looked after".

We (Don and I ) may both be Celts but there is a vast difference between your Scots and Irish Celts... but maybe it is that difference which makes it work out for some of us.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Don is up and about and resuming his righful position as lord and master of the tomato plants - that's as it should be!!! Multi-tasking women, eh? bwahahahahahahaha

Otilia said...

Yes, really happy for Don being able to be vertical!


Middle Child said...

Oh reeeaaally Charlie... I'll have you know multi tasking is my middle name...something i was never given in our large family.

I can mop the floors and talk on the phone with sublime ease...s'nothing. I can iron shirts and talk on the phone...s'nothing. I can talk on the phone and talk on the phone and talk on the phone...s'nothing! Okay!