Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This photo is not so old. My husband Don is the litle boy on the right hand side...(blonde) and his first cousin Wayne is on the left. I love this photo so much....because there are two kids, happy and full of life.

Wayne was supposed to have killed himself about ten years back, but I think it was just that he drank too much one night, took some pills and that it all got out of control. The Wayne I knew and liked would never have killed himself.

Once when we were all very young and out together...there was a terrible fight at a hotel we were in. Don had gone to the "MENS" and Wayne went out of his way to ensure we both got outside of the pub where knves and bottles were slashing. He told the best tall stories you have ever heard. Don and I would be literally sore in the ribcages from his yarns....

then we were told he had killed himself.

Poor bugger. With a mother who looked to who would fill her purse fullest, when he was young and to him seeing his own dad with his brains blown all over the parental bedroom aged 5... the poor bloody kid had no hope...and what a waste. He was the funniest and cleverest person I have ever met...tall stories, yarns, god, the universe ....whatever...

those of us still here ...growing older... ahhh! its much nicer to see these two kids, arms draped around each other's necks on a hot afternoon... and think that they are real, rather than what turned out... Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Healthy young animals with their all lives ahead of them. Sigh.