Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Real and Unreal day

The Real and Unreal Day.

Sometimes my day is like this  -
From the opening of my eyes, till they close at night,
I feel assailed by constant demands.
They hit me like tiny hard pebbles of ...nothingness.
When one has hit me - distracting me -
another is thrown.
Each assailant intent on only their wants and demands.
It doesn’t seem to matter how well I perform,
how much I do next day.
Of if I don’t seem to achieve much
its not my lack of trying -
On these days all I seem to hear
is what I forgot to do; forgot to remember.
These days are unreal and I try to quickly forget them

Somedays my day is like this -
The sun rises on my soul and sheds its light on all the world.
The dew hangs in crystal drops on a land refreshed.
I am breathing in the love of all the flowers.
I am given a cloak of the sun’s creation -
it sweeps my feet with coolness
and keeps my shoulders warm.
I am given a crystal to hold in my hands up high
to the lights in the morning joy.
I am given a flute to put to my lips (and I can actually play it).
I am given music and hear the song of life.
I am given a sun crown to put on my head.
It draws down the wisdom of my god -
the God of all creation...
And I remember these days - they are the real ones.

Middle child ‘87

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Anonymous said...

'Twould that they were ALL real ones. MC