Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If you know any teenage girls and these days boys or even older...some of us older women have distorted and dabgerous illusions about body image and their part in our happiness, there is a small website our youngest set up some years back when she wrangled with her own demons, and finally overcame the bastards.

She has some Australian (mainly) links which could be very useful for anyone who is suffering or knows someone who is suffering Annorexia or Bulimea or sadly both.

When she tols me her situation I could not have been more shocked had she told me she was on Heroin because I knew it was that bad... I am the "Mother" in "The Mother's Story" ...she fully recovered because she hated what was happening to her, but years later was struck down with illness, unrelated i feel as she was so healthy and happy before she became physically ill... have a look any way.

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