Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And just this last photo before I g to sleep. My wonderful Dad again taken not too long before he died..resting his hand on my little sister...she has no memory of him...so a lot of what i write goes to her to fill in her blanks. To be the toddler or the little kid with Dad was to be in heaven. And a the time this was taken my little sister would have been in her own little heaven.

Mum dealt more with us as we got older and perhaps ...no not perhaps..until we got harder work... but all of us remember that specia time we had as little kids following Dad around the big yard. Posted by Picasa


Amy said...

Isn't it amazine how a picture can bring back so many wonderful memories... I love it that you share these photos with us MC... Seriously - you could get out your box o' photos and write short stories and novels for the rest of your life with this kind of wonderful material...


Unknown said...

I read your blog about the tomatoes and Don snoozing away...it sounds so peaceful down there; just like up here. (Well, we have a train that goes by and blows his horn, but we get used to it.) But all in all, I am looking forward to starting a garden this year. Easter is late but Spring is upon us in these parts. Lent usually starts in Feb. but is very late for some reason. I could never figure out how they decide the Lenten days leading up to Easter. We could not get our ashes since the church is way up the road, and like you did as a child, we did not go to mass at 7:30 with work and all. Maybe I should have found some out back like you did! So ashless we are.

I have pic's of my parents all over and I love it. The B&W's are my favorite--so nostalgic. You are a scot, and I come from irish lines (and german) My maiden name is O'Neil. That must be where I get my short temper from--ha! HHM is all german and looks like he just arrived off the boat with his square blockhead and stocky body.

Keep tending those vege's girl--I may call on you for advice--I have never had a garden and can't wait to try. A new tradition for me may be in the works yet.
blessings, friend down under, CS

Diane S. said...

Oh, your father looks like a lovely man. I'm sorry you lost him so soon.