Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I have to admit that there is something about hospitals which seems to exhaust me. We have just arrived home. Poor Don had been in bed since Australia day 26th Jan, unable to sit in the whelchair because of a small pink spot on his bottom. For those of us who walk on feet this might sound trivial, but to those in chairs, it is dangerous to ever sit in the chair when there is even the slightest spot such as we ablebodied people have when we sitt on an uncomfortable stool with our botties.

So he's been in bed since then, propped up on pillows unable to read, or do much at all other that sip tea, look out the window, watch soap operas and hope.... and hope it won't be too long this time.

One time a small spot like this meant six months bedridden in our home...side to side. Friends dropped away...we figured out who they were anyway and realised we did not have any really.

But this time it has been different. His doc finally visited the house as he had a massive swelling like a tennis ball size on his bottom... and he was really concerned and said we sould go straight to the hospital via ambulance... which we declined and said " Can we wait till the morning?" he hummed and hawwed.. but ageed nothing was likely to be done till then any way and on his way out of the house he gave me a list of "emergencies" I was to watch for and then gainsay Don...oh sure! ...

When the Nurse arrived for the shower this morning at seven rest at all for the wicked!!! Some of us must have been very very wicked. Sje was "shocked" by the changes on Don's poor old bottom. So panic stations and I ate my rice bread in the shower as she changed his Coloistomy and Catheter...rang the ambo's who arrived all perplexed at how they would lift him into their trolley.

I said that it was a normal bed....whats the problem but they ummed and ahhed about backs till I was about to tell them about my own back with its fused veterbrae and spinal problems...and we all liftend Don together on our old sheet... 1... 2.... 3.......and there he was... no back injury to the 30year old guy whi is 6ft tall, not the young gal amo about my height and 28, nor me old aged 51, buggered spine and on my knees in the bed next to Don trying to lift him or help stop they didn't drop his poor bcalcified bones and give us unfortunates further problems.

They dug about a tennisball of shit...pus etc you do not want to know...out of him and zapped him with IV Pennicillin... and turfed him off home where he and I are happy to be.... he is still asleep...I am not happy at all about their care anc concern considering the state of his circulation which is really bad.

We were so glad to be able to be back home that we gladly left the Hospital but I know dep in my heart that they have not done the right thing by Don...

The stupid child/surgeon kept saying it was all caused by an ingrown hair...bullshit. In the area Don had the abscess there is no hair growing because of past prolems. It is a bald area. What does cause problrms is that that area has a very sharp Ischeal bone in amongst the cat scan... no ultra sound...just cut, drain and antibiotics... I know that this will be bad for Don, and know from past history he will spend mot=nths in bed...going from side to side... unable to read write or do. Dependant on us all for every mouthful, every drink, every tablet.

I am very pissed off with the bastards but Don for now does not want to rock the boat. I would like to tip the bloody boat over and drown them all for their lack of understanding.



Anonymous said...

Is this a real-time account, MC? I mean, is Don lying there now on 1st Feb, 2006, hopefully recovering?

Unknown said...

Hope you are better by now Don---hang in there you 2! Thinking of you. cs

Otilia said...

just catching up with the sorry to hear that Don has been going through that. I hope he has had some improvement and some comfort.