Sunday, November 20, 2005

Words Aren't Necessary

Words Aren’t Necessary.

From time to time, words aren’t necessary.
For months - years at times,
I soak in the emotions; the knowing; the beauties and ugliness and write no words.
But because no words are written, doesn’t negate these times -
Whether or not the truths that the living allows me to know
are recorded as words or known as truth in my soul
matters not at all -
They are!
The paper and the pen only exist because we are driven to record,
record - in physical form, all we see, do and understand.
Like I am now.
If we could read the unconscious as easily as the written word,
all this is there in the collective for us.

All my reading and all it encompasses -
a striving in me to knowledge that I know is!
(if I was patient and still enough to receive it)

One day - to share a concept - not a collection of limited words -
with all instantly, at will.
As was done many ages ago
on another loop in the spiral of time...
One day... to understand and share without losing the beauty,
within the limits of the word...

A great pleasure for me is to understand as much as I am able...
For now... reading the written words of others.
In their words is the glimmer of the light of truth they have discovered.
Leading me from one  concept to an even greater one...
slowly, gently.
For my understanding has its limits and must be patient
till I have grown enough to give respect to the heritage I receive.

Therese Mackay    Dec 1990

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