Friday, November 04, 2005

And who will I be

And who will I be...?
Was I the sun drenched; sun hungry child
who played in the endless summer?
Was I the same child who lay for hours in the cool evening grass
lost in the sky?
And was I the young girl who looked for love in all the wrong places,
in all the wrong ways?
And didn’t I spend a night in the magic world of faeryland once?

Am I the mother of two teenage girls who bop along
to the same bubblegum music that I did?
They thinking that I couldn’t possibly understand -
its just that I have trouble with noise, these days.
Am I the wife of 20 years - this year 1992
hard to believe and times were I didn’t think we’d make it?
Now I wonder what “Making it” really is?

Am I the woman who strives to find and serve the truth,
Seeing my fight as my responsibility of caring for earth
and all her children.
Sometimes its hard to pull the many ‘me’s’ into one - at other times
I am the One as I am now the creation I made in all my parts.

Sometimes I am as old and wise as the universe I live in.
Then other times I am so rattled and stressed
by the clamour around me, I let my truths fade into the background.

Therese Mackay           1992

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