Friday, November 18, 2005

This ia a relatively old photo...taken on a $29 Instatic Camera... How glad I am I had that cheapo camera...

A photo of a very young Don holding two cats we had then is worth a lot more than $29. He HATES cats with a passion you could not believe.

But it is the attitude of our two girls which delights me...there is Melissa - the eldest - this is the girl who when I drove her through the streets at age 13 said"I love the lights mum, I can't wait to get out there!!!" She survived and still looks to the horizon with the same expectant look...Then there is our youngest Alison...arms crossed, bottom lip out and she knows...boy does she know. She was born knowing. Poor little bugger...She has been so ill now for so long...I wish I could wave my magic wand, the one that mums are supposed to have and say "be well" ...not her fault, just bugs and chemicals...from the 20th/21st century... they are best friends... so different... and when I look at this photo, Don (husband) looks like he is one of them... we were so very young then. I remember this day so well... he was a lovely man and still is, quite crusty and pernickity like most of them, but he was lovely and still is as far as I am concerned... When we met I had just enough for one more cider ...(50cents)...and he said "What would you like to drink?"

I suggested a "Scotch and Dry" and that was it. We went home that night and moved in together 3 weeks later...who says a pick up is bad news? WOOOAHHH!

We have our moments..he is as Celtic as am I and we argue...all Celts argue is our nature...but then we look at each other every so often and exchange a kiss...I would not be anywhere else ever! Posted by Picasa


Neil G. said...
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Neil G. said...

PHOTO's...they speak a thousand words, They're such a nice treasure, Although thanks to modern science, You can stuff as much pictures as you like in a tiny little memory card.
Nice family memento :o)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Don and I were both young once. You girls stay young forever! Good pick up eh, Don!