Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My eldest sister acting so amazed at the size tag on my bustenhalters!!! And she said she was only looking at the brand name... oooowaaahh! hasn't she seen the size of the comfy black undies just behind her on the "Hills hoist"? Posted by Picasa


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Unknown said...

Hey MIddle child...this is a middle child up in Idaho, U.S.....my hubby-he-man and me ran away from So. California to the woods...I like your blog...CT from Glascow has you linked...he and Sensible One wife (S-1) are returning from France---rioting crazy France...your blog makes me laugh and that is good...we think alike for I agree with much of what you say..blog on M.C. sister...cs

Anonymous said...

Hi again Therese. You can cut the spam by changing the settings so they have to validate their comments. Can't stand spammers