Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is the wonderfully loyal and handsome doggie who stays with us. He belongs to our youngest daughter and she sent him home to stay with us for a while because she promised to get him back to the country and she was living in an inner city flat. He sat outside her door throughout all the years she was so ill. Times were he was her only friend at hand. It was as if he was glued to the wall outside her bedroom. She suffered dreadfully...he witnessed her suffering and he laid there day in and day out when others abandoned her because she was too ill to socialise. Poor little bugger. Her doggie was more loyal than all the people she knew. He lived with her for 10 years and now we have him staying with us till she is able to live where there is a yard. He is a Kelpie and he has to have a yard. She told me "he is a smile a day..." but I think he is a smile an hour.

Salutations to the wonderfully handsome kelpie who has sojourned with us.
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Unknown said...

Yup, that's why I love my pups more than anything...your blog brought tears to my eyes dear MC. Your daughter's dog, (now yours?) is can see the love in her eyes...her loyalty was a true gift, yes?

I love my girls like they were my fact they are!

Anonymous said...

Dogs are the bees knees. They are just such amusing and silly things and want only to please. A good dog reflects a good owner and your Kelpie sure has the look of a good dog. I'd just HAVE to stroke him and that would make me smile