Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Faeries Road

The Faeries’ Road.    
Sun! Mellow on this time, and all the world is quiet.
The trees are still; time is still -
All the world is watching for the change.

A flash! One brilliant light,
And the world is blue with twilight.
The leafy corners deepen, opening for the night.
The people leave - with primitive fears of night fall
And the forces governing
Are making a tally of the day.

Who is walking on the faeries’ road?
Following me.
I welcome them with my arms outstretched -
As night deepens, the world of misty life begins,
As in time forever.

Quiet! No reason to talk,
We’re home in the still bush.
Hills of gold go slowly in peace,
Like old people ambling down the street.

Down in the town people stir.
Boredom brings them to clubs and halls.
No time to sit on the ground
And watch the sky’s silky worship.
No time to sense the harmony that comes
When the forces suddenly show themselves
So in quiet we can understand...
And I understanding...know for the flash of light
All that is just and right.
I know how to be blithe along the faerie’s road,
Whether gravel or dirt...and lined with grass
Or marbled and lined with precious jewels.

Therese Mackay      1980’s

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