Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wisdom of the Back Steps

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Wisdom of the Back Steps.

The magic land, inside of time, outside of space.
The faery world, inside my heart, the hidden place.
In daydream times, beyond the yard, over the fence.
On clear black nights, beyond the mountains, making sense.

Where no one had trod, but all had been, no one had known.
Where Law was given, freedom taken, the seed was sown.
Inside the rocks, around the stars, one Law for all.
"As above, so it is below", the clearest call.

Inside the child, around the old man, both are made free,
If they "Do unto others, as you would have them, do unto thee".
There's not much to, the Law of Right, of common sense.
From daydream times, beyond the yard, over the fence.

And when the feet, have trod the ground, the magic place.
Inside the heart, the light glows out, the soul's awake.
From the back step, on summer nights, all things fit.
No bloody 'guru', shonky deals, no snake oil New Age shit.

Trust the child,  feet on the grass, eyes to the heights.
The faery place exists, beyond the yard, on starry nights.
The Law of Life, inside the heart, is always there.
If on the back steps, we just take the time, to sit and stare.
Therese Mackay - January 1998

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