Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A copy of a letter to our Daily telegraph...I got so bloody angry at the hypocrisy

A copy of a letter to our Daily Telegraph... I got so bloody sick of the hypocrisy of both Muslim spokespersons and our toady Prime Minister...I fired this off while Tea was cooking. For those outside Australia Michelle Lesley was caught in Indonesia (bali) with 2 Ecstasy tabs in her purse and faced 15 years in jail for that... she was set free because she donned a Muslim Garb and mainly because the car she was in was also peopled with 2 sons of seniour Indonesian Officials. Such Embarrasment! She's just a kid and the lambasting she has copped when she got home from those politically correct Muslin Clerics and our own pollies is breathtaking.

Schapelle Corby is languising there for 20 years after a fit up which was proven only after she was sentenced but our Gov is so busy toadying up to the Indonesians they are letting her rot... we are scared shitless of Indonesia...147million Muslims to our 20million whatever we are.

The Bali 9 re a group of mainly teenagers who will be on death row for Heroin activities...jail for life certainly - but the firing squad...done secretly - no way. There is something wrong here...Australians have never supported death penalties since the late '60's and then there was an outcry.

The above might clarify my letter


Dear Editor,
I am sickened by the assault on Michelle Leslie. She is 24 for God’s sake. Whether she is Christian, Muslim Callithumpian or just a human being should not enter into the issue of her being treated justly.

If my daughters were trapped over there in that shit hole of a justice system I would be happy that they used whatever means possible to come home…

I wish Schapelle was home now…and how crass is it to compare the two?

Both are someone’s daughters. Just as with the Bali Nine. Why on earth it takes so long to sort out the Mr Bigs who make the whole drug trade possible is my question.

Maybe they are Muslims too. Maybe they are Christians…they are certainly no longer human beings I believe. I am sure they go to their respective churches safe in the knowledge that the corruption in Indonesia and Australia will protect them from punishment on earth.

And as for the imminent slaughter of the Australian man in Singapore that is just brutality. It is not up to us fallible human beings with our ridiculous rituals of “justice” to sort out who should be hung or not.

That our children fall into the drug culture lands on all out doorsteps. We all make it possible by ignoring and supporting those who at the top, profit from the drug trade. Punish the victim?

There will always be victims. Go seriously after those “respectable citizens” who are behind all our drug related problems? No that will never do…too many high flyers are involved and it is they who have the full protection of the law be it in Indonesia, Singapore or Australia.

Michelle I hope will give the finger up to those who question her beliefs real or not. She is home. Her release should have had nothing at all to do with whether she wore a bit of cloth round her head or donned a singlet and jeans…
How ridiculous is that???
Yours sincerely
Therese Mackay


Tanuj Solanki said...

you are sure sensible and sensitive... i really appreciate that and completely agree with your point of view

Unknown said...

wow MC...that is wild what they plan to do...
at this point I am fed up with religion these days. Well actually the actions of people forcing their beliefs on others, muslims included. It seems that hatred and finger pointing has been the outcome of most of these religions lately...and we are stupid enough to send our troops over and meddle again claiming we are doing for removal of terrorism...yeah right!

Good for you for writing in, MC!