Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Look at what my baby sister has been reduced to. ..Sentenced to a life of penury by her South Island Kiwi husband...a sheep shagger if ever there was one...

there may be hope for the child... she looks determined to survive...

but there have been two more Kiwi babies (ifn' you can call them that) since this photo was taken and proudly distributed.

What were they thinking of? Were they even thinking at all?

Do Kiwi's have the power of thought anyway...there are a lot of Scots over there! HM!

Purple hair and red socks too... and she was such a beauty before she went to the land of the great White Cloud... I have to wonder if the cloud...white or not has something to do with all the sheep shagging inbreedcy Kiwis are reknowned for... Posted by Picasa

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