Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I took this about 3 years ago ...remember I have an old style Minolta and am not current with photos like some...

This is a shot of Melissa (in her black hair phase) and Alison.. trying so hard to be touristes...

We'd just had a very lean sandwich each, with coffee/tea on the promenade...near here and were shocked at the price and the"attitude" of the waiters. (won't go into that one)

Maybe I do look like a "Bag Lady" but I try to look respectable for the girl's sake... poor buggers... maybe if I pushed them in the water they wouldn't be laughing so bloody hard.

After all I did teach them to swim... I think. Posted by Picasa

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Unknown said...

Hi MC:
Great pic's of this girls. I heard prices are astronomical in Sidney. I think we caught up and are just as bad. You are not a bag lady..I take 1st dibs on that dept.