Friday, November 18, 2005

The very handsome Thorn says,
"NO! You can't have a dollar to go to the shops ....if I've told you once, cripple, I have told you a thousand times they don't want the likes of you hanging around...your place is hiding in the wardrobe when visitors call...okay!"

"but I just want one dollar to go to the shops, please." Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Ah, master and faithful friend! Which is which?

Unknown said...

You have a very handsome HUbby-He-Man too! Thorn is smiling as well. Tell Thorn to bite them...bite them hard ---the nasty snobs. Having been a special educ. teacher for 5 years, I have heard it all. And guess what I heard on the radio last night. The FDA here, Fed. Drug Admin., just redesigned a bill saying that foster kids, since they are a ward of the state can be used in experimental drug testing, especially kids with mental retardation and othe rcognitive disabilties. I hit the roof....and then I started to cry a bit. I will post a blog on this heart aches at the cruelty and sadistic ways the gov. and people treat each other--especially those with disabilties.