Monday, October 15, 2007

"State Government to support hospital inquiry

by Nick Ralston
October 15, 2007 05:50pm
THE NSW Government says it will support a proposed inquiry into Sydney's embattled Royal North Shore Hospital.
Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile said he would move tomorrow for a joint select committee to investigate the quality of patient care at the hospital.
It will be introduced three weeks to the day since Sydney woman Jana Horska miscarried in the hospital's emergency department toilet after waiting two hours for help.
Ms Horksa's ordeal prompted a flood of criticisms about patient care and budgeting at the hospital.
Mr Nile said the committee would look at clinical management systems, clinical staffing and organisation structures as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation.
The committee will be made up of four government MPs, two opposition MPs and two crossbench MPs, including Mr Nile who will act as the independent chair.
It will consider any strategies or measures in place, or proposed, for improving care for patients across the NSW public hospital system.
It will report back by February 15 next year.
Premier Morris Iemma's office said the Government would support the inquiry.
"The Premier spoke to Mr Nile today and confirmed Labor would support the joint select committee inquiry," his office said."

February 15 is my birthday folks!!! Seems like a bit of synchronicty going on


Cazzie!!! said...

Helleleujah!!! Good things will Happen :)

Jules said...

yay, that is a great bit of news to start the day and I fully believe in coincidences so rock on your birthday.

mirk said...

For the second time tonight SUPERB!

Ann ODyne said...

Hi Stirrer's Dream:
Good On You.

I just came here from reading it at Guugle News -

"There seems to be no end to the troubles at Royal ...

Nile to chair RNS hospital inquiry
ABC Online, Australia - 18 hours ago
The New South Wales Opposition says the State Government has been forced into establishing a joint parliamentary inquiry into Sydney's Royal North Shore " etc etc

JahTeh said...

No more yelling at the sky, you must save the voice.

Sling said...

This has to be extremely satisfying for you MC!
Here's hoping for a very happy birthday come next February. :)

Pat said...

Hurrah!!! Absolutely splendid! (And don't worry - I shout and argue with Unseen all the time!!)

Citymouse said...

Wonderful News!

Sara said...


rosemary said...

About time, don't you think? Hard work finally pays off and maybe a bit of justice for Don.