Friday, October 26, 2007

Jahteh at
asked what was the name of the movie
I disliked so much

...may lose mates but I couldn't stand this movie - the beginning was promising but then as an adult I lost interest in someone so hell bent on self destruction and self absorption - no matter her beginning.

Lots of people have bad beginnings but it doesn't excuse a life making others lives and her own miserable.

Don't care how well its made, I just had no fellow feeling for her past about 25. The whole theatre went "Ahhh!" at the end and I was left there sitting wondering "why?" It was all so bloody pretentious and empty as far as I was concerned... but then maybe I am just a peasant too.Each to his or her own"

Its called "La Vie en Rose" and this is the official site


rosemary said...

two words say it all for me.....edith piaf.....could of told you.

Cazzie!!! said...

I have not seen this yet, and now I am thinking I wont see it ever, LOL.
One of my favourite flicks is Under the Tuscan Sun...both Miss Congenialities.... and one from the 1980's made here in Sydney starring Jo Kennedy called "Starstruck" them :)

JahTeh said...

I've seen a documentary on Edith Piaf and I don't see how a movie could ever present the whole of her personality and her life. Her voice was extraordinary though but having seen the doco, I had no desire to see the film. Anyway I'm saving my money for the Harry Potter DVD out before Christmas.

Andrew said...

She was troubled lass or lady and hard to feel sympathy for. But I enjoyed the movie very much, and I was already well educated about Piaf.

Sling said...

I don't really know from Edith Piaf.
I think I may have enjoyed her singing in some instance,but I just can't remember.