Thursday, October 11, 2007

No more Mrs Nice Guy!
Yesterday was terrible, and felt so defeated and sad - but thanks to some of you who replied to my last post I was reminded to not expect others to do what they promise but to make sure I see it done - hence this morning I figured no pollie can be trusted to follow through - therefore I have no loyalty to them at all - my only loyalty is to my family and husband in this instance -
So I shot this off to the Sydney paper which covered our story;

You see here is his office criticising the other side (and rightly so) for being slack and they themselves didn't honour their commitment to me and "lost" the complaints in the office...

Nothing as satisfying as stirring the possum I always reckon - works a treat for what ails you.

"Daily Telegraph Health reporter,
My name is Therese Mackay. Thank you for covering the Royal North Shore hospital story so well. You covered the fact of my husband's death because of a dangerous and unnecessary operation he suffered there and subsequent treatment "torture" he endured for the following five weeks. He died as a direct result of that torture, and the cruelty he suffered still haunts us.

I have put together a 100 typewritten page complaint in to the Health Care Complaints Commission, The NSW Ombudsman, the NSW Medical Registrar Board as well as a copy to Mr Andrew Stoner and Ms Jillian Skinner.

I handed these five folders across to Andrew Stoner's office in Parliament House 24th September on the day I attended when Mr Stoner asked the following concerning my husband's treatment as well as others,
Mr ANDREW STONER: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. Given that the Minister assured Mark Dreyer yesterday that the terms of reference of the inquiry into Royal North Shore Hospital will be extended to include any matter he wishes investigated, will she now give the same assurance to Therese Mackay from Port Macquarie, who is in the gallery and whose husband died in May, so that she can get answers to the serious questions she has about his treatment at Royal North Shore Hospital?

Ms REBA MEAGHER: First, I extend my most sincere condolences to Mrs Mackay. I am sorry that we meet under these circumstances and not outside this Chamber. The inquiry's terms of reference relate to the service provided to women presenting at Royal North Shore Hospital threatening miscarriage. However, if Mrs Mackay has concerns about the standard of care that her husband received—"

I was disappointed when I finally rang the HCCU yesterday to find that Mr Stoner's office had not forwarded my folders to the appropriate people. I had thought that they were being investigated.
I then rang Mr Stoner's office at Parliament House and was told that they had been seen around there somewhere - possibly in an "Out" tray. I was told that the three folders staff had said they would pass on for me to the Health Care Complaints Unit; the Ombudsman and the NSW Medical Registrar would be located and that they would be forwarded and that I would be contacted when this happened, yesterday. "

Hoping for some response from this - sometimes embarassing them makes them move


Jules said...

Oh dear. People are so substandard in their care of other's business. As soon as a person is gone the care they promise is gone too. Why is this??

I am thinking of you and hope you are feeling in some way better.

j kieselguhr said...

well done, mc. keep going.

mirk said...

When the going gets tough, get feisty I say and who better good on yr!

Cazzie!!! said...

Good girl, no holes barred...go for broke!

Pat said...

Excellent! Way to go MC! Don't let up (I know you won't)